Qatar’s Al Jazeera Falsely Blames Israel for Hospital Strike Despite Evidence, Own Video of Event

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Many hours after it was clear that Israel was not responsible for a strike on a Gaza hospital that reportedly killed hundreds — rather, it was likely a Hamas rocket gone off target — Qatari state-funded Al Jazeera continues to blame Israel. The outlet also used the strike to accuse Israel of war crimes, despite Israel’s lack of responsibility. Al Jazeera captured the strike on its own video, and the evidence implicates Hamas, which would mean the outlet was being intentionally deceptive in its reporting.

Yesterday, as of 10:16 p.m. Pacific time — many hours after PJ Media, for instance, had covered the evidence that the guilty party was Hamas — Al Jazeera still featured multiple articles blaming Israel for the rocket striking the hospital on its website. That ridiculous blame game continues as of this writing. Al Jazeera even called for governments to reconsider supporting Israel because of the airstrike.

“Anger aimed at Israel after Gaza air attack kills 500 at hospital” blared the top headline last night (the link for live updates remains the same, but with different headlines). “Photos: An Israeli air raid on al-Ahli Arab Hospital kills an estimated 500,” said another headline. You can see screenshots of the articles below. The latter piece is still available but not prominently featured on the outlet’s front page as it was last night.

Al Jazeera still has video on its website that “captured the moment a strike hit Gaza’s al-Ahli Baptist Hospital and killed hundreds.” So Al Jazeera has video evidence of the event. Yet it couldn’t figure out what other journalists around the world did, that it wasn’t Israel who was responsible for the airstrike.

The articles shown in the above screenshots blathered, “If confirmed, the death toll would be among the highest for a single Israeli air strike since 2008.” Al Jazeera quoted Jordanian King Abdullah II calling the strike a “shame on humanity.” But Al Jazeera is expressing no shame or remorse for falsely accusing Israel of a crime actually committed by Hamas on its own civilians.

That same Al Jazeera piece cited Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) leader Mustafa Barghouti to argue that “the hospital attack should prompt world leaders to question their support for Israel.” Should Hamas’s actual responsibility be a reason to stop supporting them? Not for Al Jazeera. “Nobody in the world even attacks hospitals in any other country of the world,” mourned Barghouti. “Will they condemn this Israeli massacre?” No sympathy for the 1,400+ Israelis killed, only for the Palestinians killed by their own leaders. Instead, Barghouti and Al Jazeera accused Israel of “deliberately” targeting “civilian infrastructure.”

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Meanwhile, today (Oct. 18), Al Jazeera totally ignored the numerous horrific and brutal atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists to start the war, and the fact that Palestinian authorities have been deliberately preventing their civilians from evacuating after Israeli warnings, to then accuse Israel of war crimes. While Al Jazeera barely (and very skeptically) admitted the possibility that Israel was not responsible for the hospital strike, it stunningly used the incident to bash Israel instead of bashing the Palestinian terrorists who killed their own people. As of publication, Al Jazeera continues to promote Palestinian lies blaming Israel for the disaster.

In an interview with CNN International last night, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Jonathan Conricus included the information that Israel intercepted a conversation between Hamas terrorists discussing a misfired rocket that apparently landed in the Gaza Strip. (In his tweet, Conricus apparently accidentally omitted the word “not” in the phrase “not to take info”):

Again, it is key to note that a live update on Al Jazeera’s site is still promoting the assertion, despite all evidence, that Israel — not Hamas — is guilty of the airstrike. Furthermore, also from Al Jazeera:

The bombing of al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza has pushed countries and organisations around the world to label Israel’s recent aggressions as a “war crime”, a “massacre”, and a “violation of international humanitarian law”.

The strike on Tuesday killed over 500 people in a place where civilians were taking shelter, overworked medical staff were treating patients, and the sick and injured had gathered in the hope of rescue or recovery.

Israel placed blame on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, something viewed by many as part of a pattern where officials falsely attribute responsibility for attacks to other parties, often Palestinians themselves.

However, threats from Israeli officials indicate a disregard for civilians and international humanitarian law.

The rest of the article included an examination of international law without any admission that Israel is fighting for survival against an army of terrorists who have spent decades trying to destroy the Jewish state. Neither did Al Jazeera admit that the Palestinian terrorists have long hidden their weapons and military targets in and around schools, mosques, residential high-rises, and hospitals.

In other words, the Palestinians are completely to blame for this new crisis. But that admission would not serve Al Jazeera‘s blatant ideological ends, which involve promoting Islamic terrorists’ propaganda and demonizing Israel.

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