Biden slammed by some Republicans after announcing $100 million in aid for Gaza and the West Bank

During his trip to Israel, President Joe Biden announced $100 million in aid for Gaza and the West Bank.

A post on the @POTUS X account claims that there will be “mechanisms in place so this aid reaches those in need — not Hamas or terrorist groups.”

But multiple Republican politicians have suggested that the aid will end up in the hands of terrorists.

“Aid to the Gaza Strip is what Biden is prioritizing today? This aid will of course be commandeered by Hamas. No taxpayer dollars should be sent to Gaza. Stop funding jihad!” tweeted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is currently running in the GOP presidential primary.

“Under present circumstances, ‘humanitarian assistance’ = resupply for Hamas terrorists. President Biden continues to embolden Iran and its terror proxies,” GOP Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas asserted.

“Not a single dollar of U.S. aid should go to Hamas-controlled Gaza until all hostages, including AMERICANS, are safely released,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fl.) said in a tweet.

“Biden announced $100 million in humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. He might as well have announced $100 million in aid to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee declared in a post on X.

Some Democrats have expressed support for the president’s move to supply the aid.

“I applaud and support President Biden’s decision to provide significant humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. Any legitimate response to the Hamas violence must strive to avoid civilian harm and civilian targets,” Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois declared in a tweet.

Earlier this month, Hamas invaded Israel and perpetrated shocking atrocities, including the murder of children and the taking of hostages. Militants in Gaza have been firing rockets toward cities across the Jewish state, according to the Associated Press, and Israel has been carrying out airstrikes against the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the country “will obliterate Hamas”

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