Mitt Romney Goes on Smack-Talking Spree Against MAGA on Corporate State Media

In a thinly disguised advertisement for his book marketed as a news interview, Mitt Romney got dolled up for a sit-down with a corporate state news actress (her name, like whichever network she works for, doesn’t matter; they are interchangeable automatons) in which he was prompted to decry the MAGA domestic terrorists and pine for the days of George W. Bush and respectable Republicanism.

Mitt Romney, consummate gentleman, obliged.

Via CBS News:

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney says he doesn’t have a place in today’s Republican Party, in an interview with “CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell, to be broadcast on “CBS News Sunday Morning,” Sunday, October 22 and streamed on Paramount+.

In a wide-ranging interview with the former Republican presidential nominee and his wife, Ann, Romney explores his political career, why he decided to leave the Senate, his future, and a new biography, “Romney: A Reckoning,” written by McKay Coppins and published by Scribner (an imprint of CBS’ sister company Simon & Schuster).

“You were once the party’s nominee, and now you’re a pariah in the Republican Party,” the news actress prompts.

Here’s Romney’s response (emphasis added):

Yeah, that’s, that’s saying it in a gentle way, yeah. I mean, yeah, no question. I don’t really have a home in my partyI come from a tradition of, you know, Ronald Reagan, and George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush, and John McCain… Those are the people that have shaped our party: anti-Putin, anti-Russia, anti-authoritarians, anti-Kim Jong Un, very strong on foreign policy, involved in the world because it’s in America’s interest, character counts, that the character of our leaders makes a difference and it shapes the character of our country. That’s the party I’ve come from. And I don’t recognize that in the great majority of our party today. And that, for me, is very troubling.

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This is Romney’s schtick, which the corporate state media is more than happy to play along with: Romney is a man of deep moral conviction who puts country and God first.

What Romney actually is is a predatory vulture capitalist of Wall Street who got rich feeding parasitically on the corpses of American businesses to squeeze a little extra cash out of them before he snuffed them out.

Naturally, he decided to take that ethos to the United States Senate.

The highly choreographed interview allegedly gets interrupted for a phone call with President Brandon – obviously, his multiple staffers couldn’t have worked the interview around a phone call with the leader of the free world; that’s just what a busy guy Romney is on behalf of his constituents — so that the two elder, deeply respectable statesmen could discuss matters of deep existential import for the state. This is responsible leadership.

Romney goes on to claim that he’s retiring from the Senate not because he’s going to get routed in his next election by voters who hate him and so he’s leaving to save himself the humiliation and protect whatever semblance of a legacy he thinks he has, but rather because he really wants to pass the torch to the “next generation” – forgetting conveniently that he had not a critical word for his colleague Dianne Feinstein’s handlers while her carcass was propped up in the Senate out of political expediency by the Democrats.

Because Romney’s an institutionalist.

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