Harvard Goes ‘All In’ Supporting Hamas Sympathizers on Campus

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Harvard’s motto is “Veritas.” It’s supposed to mean “truth,” but maybe it has a different meaning in Arabic.

After all, the left’s use and misuse of language is a hallmark of its revolutionary ideology. In this case, “truth” suffers a mortal blow in the hands of crackpots who think nothing of turning facts on their heads and twisting, folding, spindling, and mutilating words to fashion them into something unrecognizable.

Unrecognizable to rational, sane, thinking people, at least. Apparently, there’s a dearth of those people on campus.

Harvard has a problem recognizing the difference between good and evil. It’s true. Believe it. And the evidence for that is right in front of us. Several dozen student groups signed on to a letter all but justifying Hamas atrocities by claiming that Israel was at fault for the murder of its own people.

The Harvard administration is creating a task force to assist the pro-terrorist elements on campus who signed on to that letter supporting Hamas’s bloody terrorist attacks on Israel. It will include guidance on “how to handle online harassment and how to mute bothersome social-media accounts,” the Harvard Crimson reported.

“We are truly grateful for all the tremendous work that students have put forth in supporting each other through this most difficult time, and we appreciate the collaborative spirit in which students, faculty, and staff have come together to repel this repugnant assault on our community,” Harvard’s dean of students Thomas Dunne wrote in an official statement on Tuesday.

Which “assault” is that? Someone or some group of people had posted the names and, in some cases, addresses of Harvard students who signed various pro-Hamas letters. They even used an electronic billboard showing the names and faces of signees to the pro-Hamas letters, using the caption “Harvard’s Leading Anti-Semites.”

No assaults of the pro-terrorist signatories were reported.

“Doxxing” is an extreme measure and should never be countenanced. There are so many other ways to show displeasure and opposition to a point of view — even a hateful one such as this.

But the Harvard administrators are bending over backward to accommodate a point of view that agrees with terrorists. By setting up a “task force” to hold the hands of students who agreed with shockingly hateful rhetoric and ideas, they place themselves on the wrong side of the debate.

“The silence from Harvard’s leadership, so far, coupled with a vocal and widely reported student groups’ statement blaming Israel solely, has allowed Harvard to appear at best neutral towards acts of terror against the Jewish state of Israel,” the school’s former president Larry Summers said following the joint student declaration.

“Israel is the victim of a terrorist attack. Hamas is the perpetrator. It’s as simple as that. There are no ‘both sides,’” Representative Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) wrote following the Harvard statement.

I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the war. Only politicians don’t see the simple fact that “bothsidesism” is inoperative in this case. It’s an “either/or” argument. Either you support Israel in its fight against Hamas terror or you support Hamas in its efforts to destroy the Jewish state.

Rep. Torres:

Yet here you have 30+ student organizations from Harvard University, blaming the victims, Israelis, for their own murder, rape, and abduction, rather than blaming the perpetrator, Hamas, for murdering, raping, and abducting them. Demonizing Israel — to the point of denying the humanity of Israeli victims and the inhumanity of their perpetrators — is moral confusion masquerading as moral clarity.

The list of “morally confused” politicians and world leaders is getting longer. Barack Obama, UN chief António Guterres, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and the rest of The Squad — all of these and more are so inured to blaming Israel no matter who the Jewish state is fighting that their default statements on violence include condemnations of Israel.

Harvard needs to tend to the needs of its traumatized Jewish students as well. Let the pro-terrorist students find their own comfort among the pro-Hamas students and faculty.

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