HORRIFYING: Jews all over AMERICA are being cautioned to stay barricaded inside for their own safety

After the recent invasion of Israel by Hamas, protests have begun popping up all over the world.

Now, tensions are beginning to rise in New York City as Jews have been cautioned to stay home this Saturday thanks to a large pro-Palestine rally scheduled to take place in Brooklyn.

But that’s not all.

Even earlier this week, Jewish students at Cooper Union College were locked into the school library for their safety as Pro-Palestine protesters surrounded them, banging on the glass walls.

Glenn Beck realizes just how pivotal this moment is in America.

“If I were to do only one thing in my career, it would be to plead with you to remember who you are. To remember that God loves all of his children, that he wants all of us back with him, even those that are so misguided that they are shouting for the gassing of Jews,” Glenn says.

He believes this division we’re currently facing could not just “change the course of our country” but “change the course of our spiritual nature as a country.”

While Glenn’s aware of what’s going on, many Americans are being swayed by the media to strengthen their stance against Israel — and that’s not good.

“It’s going to be very hard to defend Israel soon. The entire world will turn on Israel and we will be the peculiar ones, we will be them, we will be the persecuted ones because we will be the ones that choose life,” Glenn says.

“We have been fighting evil,” he continues, “because it’s a culture of death.”

Glenn recalls a conversation he had with the chief rabbi of Poland during which he was told that only 7,000 people stood up for the Jews out of 35 million.

“So many did nothing but 7,000. Are there 7,000 within the sound of my voice today that will stand in the end and risk everything? Stand to choose life, stand to reject evil, and just make the next right choice.”

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