DEVELOPING: THOUSANDS of Pro-Hamas Agitators and “Ultra-Orthodox Jews” Calling for Israel’s Destruction SHUT DOWN Brooklyn Bridge – Businesses Vandalized with Disgusting Anti-Semitic Stickers (VIDEOS)


Thousands of pro-Hamas and ostensibly “Orthodox Jewish” protesters advocating Israel’s destruction have shut down the Brooklyn Bridge, according to reports.

The protest, “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine,” comes just one day after pro-Hamas protesters completely shut down Grand Central Station in Manhattan and Israel’s ground invasion of Hamas.

Businesses have been vandalized with disgusting anti-Semitic stickers, including “Zionism is Terrorism,” ‘From the U.S. to Palestine. Abolish the settler state,” and “Free Palestine.”

Protesters are also holding up several sickening signs, including “Free Palestine,” Zionism is Terrorism,” “the Zionists Ignite the Fire,” and “Judaism condemns the State of Israel.” The Daily Mail reports that Jews are holding up the latter two signs.

The protesters are chanting vile slogans such as “Israel you cannot hide! We charge you with genocide!”

Videos have also captured pro-Hamas agitators scaling parts of the Brooklyn Bridge, waving Palestine flags from atop the landmark.

In order to gain a handle on the monstrous protest, a source told the New York Post the NYPD was expected to have between 1,500 and 1,800 officers stationed along the route to the bridge.

According to reports, the march has only just begun. Look at this mass of people!


Protesters also unfurled a banner reading “Muslim-Jewish Antifascist front” as they made their way to the bridge.

How much do the protesters hate Israel? Here is what one told the New York Post:

I personally don’t think the state of Israel should exist. I don’t think anything except for we need to give the land back to Palestine.

Other protesters have been seen confronting Jewish people in the street and branding them “Zionist pigs.”

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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