Starvation as a weapon: Zionist Israel wages Holodomor against Gaza

His people in Christ Jesus to care for the widow and the poor, and to treat one’s enemies as oneself, turning the other cheek when infringed. Self-chosen Israeli Zionists, on the other hand, routinely use the force of violence to get their way, including by starving out their enemies as coercion.

This is exactly what Israel’s Zionist government is doing to Gaza right now, by the way. The Palestinian people are being deprived of fuel, electricity, water, and food in retaliation for the Hamas false flag attack on October 7 that quite clearly was some kind of inside job in that the Israeli military was told to stand down and allow it to happen as a pretext for war.

Now that the war is moving in the direction of becoming regional, followed by global, should Israel follow through with its planned ground invasion, humanitarian groups cannot help but notice that the innocent civilians of Gaza are still being forgotten about in all this as they essentially starve to death at the hands of Israel.

According to the latest figures, just 2 percent of the usual amount of food delivered to Gaza is making its way into the Palestinian territory ever since the October 7 Hamas attack. This has prompted groups like Oxfam to call for renewed aid to Gaza to make up for the growing lack of resources there.

“While a small amount of food aid has been allowed in, no commercial food imports have been delivered,” Oxfam announced about the matter.

(Related: According to one Israeli survivor of the Kibbutz Be’eri raid, the bad guys were actually Israeli IDF – the Hamas captors treated their hostages kindly and even gave them food and water.)


Upwards of 2.2 million people in Gaza now in desperate need of food

As the escalating conflict hits its 20th day, as of this writing, Oxfam is speaking out on behalf of Gaza’s roughly 2.3 million residents, warning that about 2.2 million of them are now in desperate and urgent need of food.

“Prior to the hostilities, 104 trucks a day would deliver food to the besieged Gaza strip, one truck every 14 minutes,” Oxfam explains.

“Despite 62 trucks of aid being allowed to enter southern Gaza via the Rafah crossing since the weekend, only 30 contained food and in some cases, not exclusively so. This amounts to just one truck every three hours and 12 minutes since Saturday.”

According to Sally Abi Khalil, Oxfam’s Regional Middle East Director, this dire situation for Gaza “is nothing short of horrific.” She wonders: “Where is the humanity?”

“Millions of civilians are being collectively punished in full view of the world, there can be no justification for using starvation as a weapon of war,” Khalil announced. “World leaders cannot continue to sit back and watch, they have an obligation to act and to act now.”

“Every day the situation worsens. Children are experiencing severe trauma from the constant bombardment, their drinking water is polluted or rationed and soon families may not be able to feed them too. How much more are Gazans expected to endure?”

Real Christians everywhere have a soft heart towards the innocent people of Gaza, who are being lumped in with an Israeli-installed group called Hamas that, by all appearances, staged a false flag on October 7 as a pretext for the Zionists to commit mass genocide.

Those who call themselves Christians while calling for the entire Gaza Strip to be “leveled” and “turned into a parking lot” are a different breed, and are not exhibiting the fruits of the Holy Spirit outlined as descriptors for New Testament believers, who in the church age represent spiritual Israel, also known as true Israel all the way up until the day the Great Tribulation commences.

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  1. Easy solution: top-rank Israeli leaders made it VERY clear that the water, food, electricity, and fuel will resume immediately upon the release of all the hostages. Is that too much to ask? Really?

    The seized hostages were not terrorists, bombers or even soldiers–a clear violation of Geneva and Nuremberg standards for war. Let them go and you get supplies.

    As for “false flag” and “territorial expansion,” Israel already offered multiple negotiations and concessions. Israel completely withdrew from both Gaza and the West Bank. Did that buy peace? Did the PLO, Hamas, or Hezbolla stop the rockets or bombs? Did these groups or their Muhammad-believing allies limit the bombing ONLY to Israel? How, exactly, is this about “Israel-occupied land” when Hamas-linked bombs kill Jews in Argentina and Coptic Christians in Egypt?

    As for reports implicating IDF (or simply “the Jews”), which group had been a staunch dependable ally? Which group had the only working democracy in the Middle East? Which group has full rights for its citizens regardless of race ir religion?

    Conversely, which group practices تقیة (taqiya), the Allah-encouraged act of lying to any unbeliever if it might benefit you, the follower of Muhammad? Which group can you believe? Will YOU stake your life the words of one who practices taqiya? If so, I’m sure at least ½ your neighbours will buy you a 1-way ticket. I’m sure the need to enlist more mujahadin increased a lot since 7 Oct. Put your money–and life–where your mouth is.

    Just know before you go, that martyr in the Middle-East = murder.

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