Warning: Graphic content: Video captures exact moment US hockey player was killed on ice

Pat Gray plays the video of U.S. hockey player Adam Johnson’s tragic death during the Challenge Cup game at the Sheffield Arena in England.

Warning: It is not for the faint of heart.

The clip captures the exact moment that sealed Johnson’s doom. An opponent by the name of Matt Petgrave came flying across the ice, crashing into one of Johnson’s teammates. Their collision was so violent that Petgrave’s skate flew up and sliced the neck of Johnson, who was nearby.

Johnson hopped up quickly but then immediately collapsed before a referee helped him skate off the ice. He left a trail of blood in his path.

Currently the media is calling the incident a “freak accident,” but many are skeptical and feel strongly that Petgrave intentionally kicked Johnson when his skate was airborne.

Pat is one of those people.

“How has he not been arrested for murder?” he criticizes.

“Because it’s not murder,” counters Jeffy. “Hockey players get cut all the time on the ice.”

“He purposely raises his leg and slams it into the guy’s neck,” insists Pat.

Police are currently investigating the incident.

Keith, who’s on the fence, says, “I want to know of any kind of interaction whatsoever [and] anything this guy has ever said about Adam Johnson. If there’s anything there, make it available and see if there’s some sort of motive for possible murder.”

For now, people are left to speculate. If you’ve got a strong stomach, watch the clip for yourself and cast your vote.

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