WAR CRIMES: Israel’s admission to bombing Jabalia refugee camp confirms Jewish state is also bombing hospitals, churches and residential buildings ON PURPOSE

WAR CRIMES: Israel’s admission to bombing Jabalia refugee camp confirms Jewish state is also bombing hospitals, churches and residential buildings ON PURPOSE

Israel is fessing up to bombing the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza, a ruthless attack that resulted in more than 50 deaths and 150 injuries.

Formerly located in northern Gaza, the Jabalia refugee camp was housing Palestinian refugees with nowhere else to go amid Israel’s relentless campaign of annihilation against the Gaza Strip.

Images and video footage from the scene depict heavily damaged buildings and grounds with rescuers and volunteers digging through the rubble, often with their bare hands, in search of survivors below the debris.

Some clips show people frantically trying to pull others out of concrete blocks and boulders left over from the Israeli air raid, which is one of hundreds taking place every day across Gaza.

(Related: Are you ready to send your children and grandchildren – or yourself, if you are of a young enough age – off to fight and die for Israel in its “holy war” against Palestine? If so, the new GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson [R-La.] is the guy who says he will get it done.)

Both sides of the Middle East war are obfuscating which injuries and deaths are civilians, and which are militants

The latest news about the airstrike indicates that it “flattened housing blocks and sent hundreds of people to a hospital, where officials said dozens of people had been killed.”

But wait: Did not Israel claim previously that it was avoiding bombing residential areas, hospitals and other civilian-populated areas? The story has since changed now that Israel has confirmed that it did, in fact, “flatten” the Jabalia refugee camp and surrounding areas.


What this suggests is that Israel is likely responsible for the recent bombing of the Church of Saint Porphyrius, as well as the bombing of al-Ahli Baptist Hospital.

Israel’s continued claim is that “Hamas terrorists” are hiding out in tunnels located underneath all these civilian facilities, a claim that blanket-covers all such airstrikes as “necessary” and “appropriate” to get the bad guys.

While this may be true in some cases, there does not appear to be any way to verify the claims of either side of the fight, including the convenient omission by Gaza hospital admissions of which deaths and injuries at Jabalia were civilians, and which were militants.

In war, there is certain to be propaganda from all sides, this latest outbreak of violence in the Middle East being no exception. As usual, those who usually pay the highest price in war are the poor and the innocent, while those who “win,” especially financially, are the orchestrators of war at the top.

“Those who send other men’s sons to die become guilty of their death, or the death of those whom they kill,” one of our own commenters wrote about House Speaker Johnson’s recent talk with Sean Hannity (Fox News) about a possible U.S. draft to fight Israel’s war.

“Messiah alone will tread the winepress of God’s wrath.”

Another offered his ideas about how this all will end with Israel being “saved by God from the Gog / Magog war,” along with “her enemies vanquished.”

“U.S. and Western Europe, those who sent weapons to Ukraine and Israel, are nuked by Russia, China,” this person added about what he thinks will eventually happen. “Russia already has armies in the U.S. Plus, eight million illegals to loot, rape and pillage what is left.”

“The Revelation 6:8 war that kills 1/4 of the earth, the fourth seal, is now,” he further alleges.

The latest news about the escalating conflict in the Middle East, and how it could blossom into the third and likely final world war, can be found at Prophecy.news.

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