Jews Are Watching Fox News Now. Can You Guess Why?

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For years, liberals have derided Fox News for its fair and balanced coverage of the news. They’ve long had a wide selection of news channels and networks that have given them exactly what they want: Democratic Party propaganda packaged as news. The attacks on Fox News have been constant, particularly as the network has dominated the ratings.


Among the groups that have scoffed at Fox News is American Jews, a largely left-leaning voting bloc that would sooner tune into CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, etc., in order to get the news their left-leaning sensibilities are more agreeable to. 

But everything changed after October 7, when American Jews finally started to see that the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party was also a propaganda machine for Hamas and the Palestinians. Remember how left-leaning news outlets took Hamas propaganda at face value, and falsely reported that Israel had bombed the hospital in Gaza? That was hardly the only instance of the mainstream media pushing pro-Hamas/Palestinian talking points.

And now, Jewish Americans are finding out that if they want fair coverage of the situation in Israel, the need to tune into Fox News:

Ross Abramson, a software engineer and recent New York University graduate, had a fairly conventional news diet until recently. He regularly checked his phone for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. And as a Jew with an interest in Israel, he would browse a handful of outlets like The Times of Israel.

Then the brutal Hamas-led attack on Israel happened on Oct. 7, and Mr. Abramson found himself turning to an outlet he said he didn’t rely on much before: Fox News.

“Did I watch it religiously before? No,” he said, adding that he found Fox’s reporting and commentary on Israel’s military campaign in Gaza “less antagonistic for sure” than that of other news organizations. “You don’t feel as attacked,” Mr. Abramson said.


Some Jews who paid little attention to the conservative network in the past are now tuning in — and surprising themselves. In an interview with The Free Press, an outlet that has been critical of mainstream coverage of Israel, one liberal Jewish woman from Minneapolis said, “My friends and I are like, ‘My God, we find ourselves watching clips on Fox News.’ ”

One liberal Fox host, Jessica Tarlov, said in a recent appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” that her pro-Israel perspective put her out of step with younger Democrats but not with many of her fellow older millennials, some of whom recently started watching Fox News.

“My Jewish liberal friends will text me and they’ll say, ‘Oh, this is where you go in the afternoon?’ because they never watched Fox before,” she said.


Will the incredibly biased Israel coverage will result in more Jewish Americans getting a more balanced news coverage going forward? It may very well do that. With the presidential election coming just about a year away, this couldn’t be happening at a more politically inconvenient time for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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