Why Deion Sanders is to blame for Colorado-UCLA jewelry theft

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Deion Sanders’ Colorado football team didn’t just lose on the field this past Saturday.

In addition to falling to UCLA 28-16, the Colorado players allege they had jewelry, cash, and other personal items stolen from the locker room. Apparently, the home team was robbed as well.

Sanders now wants the NCAA or the Rose Bowl to reimburse the players who lost items in the heist, but Jason Whitlock thinks there’s only one man to blame for the theft: Deion himself.

“That don’t make no sense when you’re out there balling and playing your heart out and you’re getting robbed in the same aspect,” Sanders said in the press conference after the game, adding, “So I hope we could do something about that, NCAA, you do do something about everything else.”

Whitlock doesn’t think this makes any sense.

“Deion is arguing that the NCAA should reimburse his players for their mistake or some breach of security in Los Angeles. This, this blows my mind,” Whitlock says.

Doc Holliday has also posted a video criticizing the Colorado coach.

“Oh, my God, there’s someone else out here in the world who gets it, who knows exactly what I’ve been getting at,” Whitlock says, adding, “that’s what he’s getting at, that Deion and all the rappers and his celebrity friends and that whole movement — it’s idolatry, it’s devilish, it’s wicked, it’s an energy that’s being tapped into.”

Whitlock believes that what Deion is teaching kids in the locker room by bringing rappers who are connected to gang members in is setting up situations like the one that happened at the UCLA game.

“All of this flashy in your face, ‘hey, look at my Rolex,’ after the game. You’re putting a bullseye, you’re putting a target on your kids,” Whitlock says.

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