Dr. Shiva, a 2024 presidential contender, speaks his mind about Zionist supremacy and the Israeli genocide of Palestinians

Dr. Shiva, a 2024 presidential contender, speaks his mind about Zionist supremacy and the Israeli genocide of Palestinians

In a recent interview with the Health Ranger, Dr. Shiva, a 2024 presidential candidate running as an independent, addressed the Israel-Palestine conflict and its Zionist underpinnings – and how those underpinnings are a deception based on racism and supremacism.

Unlike the rest of the presidential lineup, including both Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Shiva is the only anti-Zionist running – or so he says. He might be right, though, because as we reported, the U.S. government is loaded with Zionists, many of them Jewish as well, who put Israel first and America, well, last.

“Every presidential candidate running is a rabid Zionist,” Dr. Shiva stated unequivocally in the interview. “The Speaker of the House is a nutjob: he’s a Christian Zionist.”

Every 10 to 15 years, Dr. Shiva explained, another Zionist atrocity occurs in Gaza that stirs up the world while adding a little bit more land and power to the Zionist arsenal. And this latest false flag on October 7 by Hamas is no exception.

“Anti-Zionism, articulating it with boldness and courage, and taking a clear stand, distinguishing it from antisemitism, exposing that Zionism is racism that serves imperial interests, is really the thing that separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls,” Dr. Shiva explained – watch below.

(Related: The new GOP House Speaker, Christian Zionist and Republican Mike Johnson from Louisiana, is already talking about a possible draft to “support Israel” and receive the “blessing of god.”)

Zionists collaborated with the Nazis during WWII to “butcher Jews,” Dr. Shiva says

Not to be confused with Judaism, for which there are also many varieties and flavors, Zionism is in a category of its own. It very closely resembles the caste system of Brahmanism that permeates India – Dr. Shiva grew up under Brahmanism – and like many of us who have had to live under Zionism, he was at the bottom.


“When you look at what Brahmanism is, a caste system in India; when you look at Christian Zionism, it is, in fact Nazism, all these political ideologies, they have typically done something very powerful: they take the concept of people wanting their own nationalism, their own identity, they throw in a little bit of religion, but it’s wrapped in a political ideology,” Dr. Shiva says.

“And the purpose of that political ideology is to separate people from other people, but not in the interests of what I call national self-determinism, a righteous progressive nationalism, but actually to peel away people ultimately to profit.”

Dr. Shiva’s background and long journey to discovering what he now believes started back in India in 1963, after which he came to the U.S. in 1970. Dr. Shiva was oppressed under Brahmanism, which he says is a gross bastardization of Hinduism.

“Brahmanism’s view is that a small set of people are better than the rest of other people,” he says.

“So, they took a little piece of Hinduism and the concepts of karma and they contorted it to create this cultural nationalist view that a small set of people are better than others, and this is what they called ‘Hinduism” – but it’s not Hinduism: it’s actually Brahmanism.”

Zionism is much the same. It contradicts Judaism, which it often gets interchanged with, and it is actually anti-Jew whenever it is politically expedient for the Zionists to harm Jews for political gain, which is exactly what took place during World War II.

“Zionism is racism,” Dr. Shiva says. “Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, and in fact Zionists, Zionism collaborated with the Nazis during World War II to butcher Jews.”

Be sure to watch the full video up above.

The latest news about the Israel-Palestine conflict can be found at Antichrist.news.

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