No, They’re Not ‘Protesters’ or ‘Peace Activists.’ They’re Antisemites

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There was a huge pro-Hamas protest in Washington, D.C., on Saturday afternoon that quickly degenerated into an orgy of hate against Jews and Israel.

Some estimates placed the crowd size at 100,000, although D.C. police refused to give any estimates. What was absolutely clear, however, was that there were very few “peace activists” in the crowd, given what they were chanting.


“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and “Long live the Intifada” was frequently chanted by marchers. Another chant intoned that Israel “does not have the right to exist.”

These aren’t protesters. They’re calling for the blood of Jews. And anyone who says differently isn’t listening.

Marchers smeared red paint on the white stone gates of the White House, screaming “Allahu akbar…F–k Joe Biden,” a New York Post reporter observed. 

The Post reporter said the protest was unlike any other he had ever witnessed.

“This one was distinguished by the defacing of the gate and pushing on it, chants of ‘Allahu akbar’ and thousands of Muslims, leftists and others chanting against Biden,” he said. “It was remarkable that it ended peacefully. (With) many families in the fired-up crowd, it could have been bad.

“When gates were swaying tonight, one protester said to me, ‘It’s going to be all over’ if they were to open,” he added. “In the moment, it wasn’t hard to imagine hundreds going through the gate.”

Although the movement was mostly peaceful, several vandals seized the opportunity to deface the outside gate of the Executive Mansion with red paint, smothering the white brick with blood-like hand prints.


Speakers from several different pro-Palestinian organizations took to the stage. “Biden, Biden you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” one MC yelled into the microphone, drawing cheers from the attendees.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Chapter of the US Palestine Community Network said Biden was “dehumanizing” Palestinians.

“No business as usual as our elected officials support genocide,” she yelled into the microphone.“Israel does not have the right to exist as a racist state.”

Jazz Shaw observes the crowd wasn’t pro-Palestinian as much as it was pro-Hamas.

The bottom line is that the mask has been fully pulled away at this point. It no longer matters who it was that fomented all of this antisemitic hatred on the left in America. They have adopted the most fundamental rhetoric of the Hamas terrorists. Nobody here is arguing for a “two-state solution.” They are literally arguing against the right of Israel to even exist and inciting violence against the Jewish people. They might as well be over there firing the rockets themselves.

I’m not much into assigning “moral authority” to either the left or the right. But it’s a certainty that anyone who finds themselves in solidarity with these marchers doesn’t have a moral leg to stand on. 


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