‘The media CANNOT stop lying’: Mark Levin blasts several media outlets for running hit piece on his Holocaust remarks

Mark Levin skewered the media for publishing articles against him regarding his comments about the Jewish heritage of a CNN anchor.

On Thursday, far-left outlet, Media Matters, ran an hit piece castigating Levin for comments he made on his radio show earlier this week.

CNN published an article on Friday echoing the sentiments of the Media Matters story. The writer of the piece, Oliver Darcy, requested a comment from the White House – which also condemned Levin and Fox News.

“Not only is Fox News aligning with those who fan the flames of hate – Fox is paying their salaries,” said Andrew Bates – deputy White House press secretary. “Lying to insult the pain that families suffered in the Holocaust has absolutely no place in America. None. Sadly, this is not the first time in recent months that a Fox News host made sickening remarks about the Holocaust.”

Several other media outlets ran with the story – including the Washington Post, the Times of Israel, and the Daily Beast, Mediaite, the Washington Examiner.

The media outlets took a quote from Levin from the Wednesday episode of “The Mark Levin Show.” During the episode, Levin slammed CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper, and said CNN is “filled with a lot of self-hating Jews.”

The media outlets ran stories from the following quote from Levin:

Wolf Blitzer, as I understand it, his parents weren’t victims in one way or another, of the Holocaust. But certainly his family comes out of that background — but you wouldn’t know it. Because the ideology of the left is very attractive. It’s very compelling, particularly if you’re in media.

Blitzer’s parents came to the United States as refugees from Poland after surviving the Nazi era and all four of his grandparents were murdered during the Holocaust.

A CNN spokesperson framed Levin’s quote as “wildly uninformed, inappropriate and shameful,” “dangerous,” and “anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

However, Levin clarified his wording on Thursday’s episode of his show and pointed out how the word “weren’t” doesn’t make sense in the context of his commentary:

Let’s stop for a second. When I take a breath, when I’m saying something and I’m passionate. I take a breath. Now you can hear that they say worth it if you’re really listening and you want it to say where it is so that you can hear it to say weren’t. I barely even remember saying it. So we’ve played it. We’ve got the audio you can twist it to say weren’t. But obviously, why would I say his parents weren’t weren’t in one way or another. Victims in the Holocaust. How can that even be logical? Why would I say somebody’s parents were or were not victims of the Holocaust? If they weren’t victims of the Holocaust, why would they say his parents weren’t victims of the Holocaust? Or why would I intentionally say that I didn’t? I didn’t. In the second sentence, but certainly as family comes out of that background. Clarifies exactly what I’m talking about. So they take that and they say Levin denies. They’re Wolf Blitzer’s parents. We’re in the Holocaust, which I’ve since looked up, and they were at Auschwitz, and it’s the grandparents were killed there. Which is a horrible, horrible thing. In fact, some of the people who’ve been taken back into Gaza. We’re Holocaust survivors in Israel. Some of the people murdered were Holocaust survivors. And of course, my point is you have a background like that. And you might and you ask Hakeem question. Hakeem Jeffries a question like this. It’s shocking to me, especially as a Jew. It is shocking to me. And so that now, ladies and gentlemen, causes CNN, which was contacted by, I think, The Daily Beast, another leftist Marxist operation. And here’s what CNN said. Quote. And by the way, it’s anonymous. We don’t even know who at CNN said it.

Levin – who is Jewish – blasted the media for citing Media Matters – the progressive outlet that targets conservatives and has received funding from George Soros.

“NEVER AGAIN, MEDIA, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT,” Levin wrote on the X social media platform. “The media CANNOT stop lying, using Soros’s Media Matters as their source and using their spin, the sickening statement from an anonymous CNN spokesman, then, of course, the Washington Post (which was silent during most of the Holocaust), and now, to top it off, a Biden regime propagandist.”

Levin continued, “It won’t work as they hang on the words ‘were’ and ‘weren’t.’ The media have been horrendous in their coverage of the Oct. 7 slaughter of Israeli Jews and their subsequent use of Hamas lies, including the notorious reporting about the Gaza hospital, which they blamed on Israel, the use of Hamas statistics, the regurgitation of Biden administration talking points, and relentless insinuations and worse about Israel and its military killing civilians.”

The host of “The Mark Levin Show” said, “The New York Times and Washington Post essentially covered up the Holocaust as it was occurring. The Times issued a quasi-apology in 2001 (the Post still has said nothing to the best of my knowledge, some 80 years later).”

The Blaze Media personality declared, “I will not allow the corporate media, and their numerous propagandists, to get away with their hate and lies. Never again will the media be free to push a hateful narrative without pushback from me and conservatives like me. They can try and use the words were’ or weren’t’ to distract from what is really happening, and ask a Biden lapdog staffer for his input, but it will not work.”

He said all the media does is “twist, spin, deceive, false narratives, and lies.”

Levin proclaimed, “I will not be intimidated, and neither should any of you!”

Levin blasted the Washington Post by saying:

Washington Post reporter, Jeremy Barr, cited Media Matters when regurgitating a smear on yours truly even though he knew that the president of Media Matters is an anti-Semite and his own newspaper had reported on it in the past. And Barr works for the Washington Post Corporation even though he knows it helped cover up the Holocaust. What does that make Jeremy Barr?

The host of “LevinTV” on Blaze Media also slammed the Washington Examiner:

Shame on the Washington Examiner for pushing this crap 3-days later. Perhaps the Examiner will link to these real stories about CNN’s grotesque anti-Semitism, including by several of its hosts, and its anti-Israel propaganda over the years. Apparently, their reporter was too lazy to provide full context, so I have included just a few of the stories about CNN’s horrendous antisemitism, including several of its hosts. Their pattern and pro-Hamas propaganda are not secrets.

You can listen to Levin’s original comments from the Nov. 1 episode below.

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