Global majority shocked by West’s response to, mishandling of Israel-Palestine conflict: a new world order is emerging

Global majority shocked by West’s response to, mishandling of Israel-Palestine conflict: a new world order is emerging

A new op-ed from Valdai Club Programme Director Timofey Bordachev explains how the global majority, meaning countries of the world that “link their development to the main trends of globalization,” are overwhelmingly opposed to Israel’s ongoing actions in Gaza.

While in the past the predominant Western view would have prevailed in favor of all things Israel, that Zionist-led world order is coming to a close, in Bordachev’s view.

“Up to now, this notion has been expressed rather discreetly, which is explained by our common participation in a system of relations in which Western countries not only played a leading role, but were also able, until a certain point, to come up with relatively optimal solutions for everyone,” Bordachev writes about how opposition to Israeli aggression used to be a more quietly held position among the global majority – but no longer.

“Recent events, however – especially the crisis in the Middle East – may open a new chapter in the perception of U.S. and Western European policies by most of the world’s countries and create new conditions that will make a return to the previous world order impossible.”

(Related: Even though they comprise a tiny percentage of the overall world population, Jewish Zionists hold many major positions of power in government – including at the CDC – media, religion and finance.)

The West is “destroying its own previous achievements” with unpopular support for Israeli genocide of Palestine

Notice that Bordachev writes about recent events that merely include the crisis in the Middle East. This means there are other events as well that point to the end of Western rule over world affairs.


Concerning Israel, the Jewish state’s confrontational policy of aggression towards Palestine does not directly threaten Russia, China, or even the United States. At the same time, most people now seem to know that the U.S. has long been a ringleader in world affairs – the “global police force,” if you will – that is rapidly losing its top spot.

While in times past, a majority of Americans would have supported their country and its government, trusting their leaders to have their best interests at heart, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that not only is this no longer even remotely true, but We the People are now overwhelmingly aware that the rats have taken over the helm and the ship is sinking.

“The West is destroying its own previous achievements,” Bordachev writes about what the general sentiment now is among the global majority.

“The arguments for this assessment go something like this: In recent days, a wave of demonstrations in support of the Palestinians besieged in Gaza has swept the world. While Western leaders have repeated, like a mantra, boilerplate statements of full support and willingness to go to any length for Israel, their own citizens, not to mention the populations of Muslim countries, have protested against a unilateral violent solution to the conflict.”

So far, these peaceful protests are merely harbingers of a more complex future that is emerging from the ashes of this changing of the guard. Washington, D.C.’s shortsighted policies with regards to Israel and lots of other things are no longer supported by a majority of the people they supposedly represent, which points to the end of an age – and possibly even the end of an empire.

“The most important thing that worries our colleagues in the majority countries of the world is that several narratives that had virtually disappeared in previous years are back on the agenda: The U.S. and the Christian countries of the Old World are primarily responsible for the suffering of Muslims and their destruction in wars and conflicts; they also provoke confrontations that lead to economic crises, hunger, and unemployment in developing countries,” Bordachev writes.

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