Media Mock Speaker Johnson and His Son for Using Anti-Adult Content App

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Without a doubt, one of the great scourges of modern-day society is pornography. The smut industry enslaves men to their biological need for intimacy and pleasure. After a while, the fantasy element of explicit content no longer provides the dopamine hit that it did at the beginning of the addiction, which leads men down a dark path of seeking the next fix. It’s disgusting. 


This is why it is so noteworthy to point out that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), a devout Christian, is doing all he can to prevent explicit content from having a negative influence on himself and his family by using an app called Covenant Eyes, which monitors pornography and helping him and his son hold one another accountable for what they view on their devices.

And true to form, the left-wing media has begun to mock Johnson and his son for attempting to stay pure, because if you’re not indulging your inner pervert, you can’t hang with the cool kids. Radical progressives think of themselves as the hip and the cool crowd that everyone wants to be like. 

Which, of course, could not be further from the truth. If I have to fill my eyes with trash in order to be considered a member of the popular clique, I’m just fine with my place at the nerdy table.

The leftist media soon felt the wrath of folks on social media for attempting to mock a man for pursuing purity. 


The comments in question come from a time when Johnson participated in a panel at Cypress Baptist Church, located in Benton, La., called “War on Technology.”

“We probably could have called this more appropriately, ‘War on the Darkness of Technology,’ because there are some good thing of [sic] technology, of course. You know, the Bible apps we all love; we broadcast our services on our social media, and there’s some very positive things, but there’s also… some really dark things,” he said during the panel. 

So Covenant Eyes is the software that we’ve been using a long time in our household. I first learned about it, I think, a Promise Keepers event in the early 2000s. I think it was developed in about the year 2000. But it’s the largest accountability software that there is, and there’s some paperwork out there on the table that I think everybody may have picked up on the way in; if not, go get it. It’s a subscription based — we don’t make any money on this — I’m telling you, we use it. I’m endorsing it because I’m a user; it’s about $15 a month, $16 a month, something like that.


Johnson explained how the app works, revealing that those who sign up for it can use it on up to 10 different devices and that a lot of men who use it belong to Bible study groups who then connect to each other and use the app to stay accountable for what they view. He also noted it’s really important to work hard at keeping teenage sons away from pornography and stated that the app is great for helping in that arena.

“And so what it does, real simply, is it has an algorithm and software — it’s way above my head how it works — but it scans, you obviously opt into it  — but it scans all the activity on your phone or your devices, laptop, what have you. We do all of it, and then it sends a report to your accountability partner. So my accountability partner right now is Jack, my son. And he’s 17. And so he and I get a report of all the things that are on our phones or all of our devices once a week. If anything objectionable comes up, your accountability partner gets an immediate notice,” Johnson said.

I’m proud to tell you my son has got a clean slate. But we get a report and it says, ‘Hey, no activity of concern.’ And it’s really, really sensitive; it’ll pick up almost anything; it looks for keywords, search terms and also images, and it will send your accountability partner a blurred picture of the image. And so on occasion I get one — I was just looking at the one from this week I got on Jack and it said, This is the only one that may be questionable,’ and it says blurred image of two women talking in a live stream and I zoom in and I have to unblur it and it’s two middle age teachers…


At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that a man in a high position in our legislative branch is taking care to keep himself morally pure and have good character. Let’s hope he’s a positive influence on others in Congress.

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