An Israeli Soldier’s Viral LGBTQ Pride Flag Photo in Gaza Drives the Pro-Palestinian Left Crazy

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The left is seething over a viral image posted this weekend by a Jewish screenwriter showing an Israeli soldier holding up two Pride flags in front of the war zone in the Gaza Strip. The soldier, Yoav Atzmoni, had his partner send the two flags to him for the photo opp to raise awareness for Gaza’s secret LGBTQ community.  


The soldier held two flags. One is a standard rainbow flag in which he wrote “In The Name Of Love” in three languages: English, Hebrew, and Arabic. It’s the title of a U2 song by the same name, and the soldier wrote it in response to many Arabs writing “Bismillah” on houses, which means “In The Name Of God.” The second is a regular Israeli flag wrapped in the rainbow pride colors in front of a tank. In a U2 show in Las Vegas in October, Bono dedicated the performance of the song to Israelis murdered by Hamas. 

The soldier wrote, “There is an internal message to Israel: that we carry obligations towards the state and must demand gay rights here — not necessarily to marry and start a family, but something more basic — the right to security as LGBTQ people, the right to respect, the right to be part of the national ethos, the right to be counted and recognized.” 


Though it is just another instance of the LGBTQ lobby co-opting every single cause to push its sexual fetish agendas on everyone, it poses quite a problem for the radical left in the United States, which has thrown its lot in with Hamas.  

The American left has taken up its love fetish with the terrorist organization, even going so far as to hold protests of “Queers for Palestine.” The group took to the New York streets, even shouting down a Jewish man who walked into the crowd to try to make his points about the war with “Queer Pride, Trans Pride. We say no to genocide!”   

The ironic part about these protests, as Israeli soldier Yoav Atzmoni illuminated, is that if the LGBTQ protesters lived in Palestine under Hamas rule, they would likely be beaten or stoned to death with their open displays of hedonism. The brutality they would face isn’t an exaggeration, as a report of gay Palestinian Ahmad Abu Marhia being beheaded in the West Bank drew international news headlines last year.   


American screenwriter Lee Kern reported and amplified the soldiers’ words on his X/Twitter account. The sentiment was met with mixed response as his largely American audience is split on the war, some pointing out that Israel’s bombing of the region has killed more than 10,000 Palestinians so far, many of whom are civilians. Some percentage of them had to have been gay.  

Regardless of the response to the Israeli pride flags, it’s fun to watch leftists try to justify their stances in supporting Hamas and bicker with each other. This war is proving to be a wedge issue that could well tear the Democrats apart.  

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