The size of this protest is so massive that you have to see it to believe it

As you likely know, pro-Palestinian protests are occurring across the globe, especially in major cities – including London.

Dave Rubin plays the clip of a recent rally in London, where a sea of what he calls “terrorist sympathizers” gathered to support the crusade against Israel.

The assembly is so astronomically large that you have to see it to believe it.

Among other things, the crowd chanted “from the River to the Sea” and protests against the “75-year occupation,” which Dave says is “ironic because they’re in London, and, of course, if we were to end the 75-year occupation, we would have to bring back the British Empire.”

“I don’t know that the average Brit wants [that], much less the terrorist sympathizers,” he says.

“How long can a society hold this position … calling for a genocide of people halfway across the world plus a certain amount of your own citizens?” he asks.

“If you were, say, a Jewish person living in London, would you want one of those [protesters] to be your dentist? Would you want one of them to be your Uber driver? Do you see how this might start actually singing all of the little pieces that give us connectivity in a society?”

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