Biden Tries Putting Lipstick on a Pig When Reporting Border Crossings

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Have you heard? Things really aren’t so bad at the Southern border. Biden’s border deterrence policies are working, and because of that, both Northern and Southern borders have never been so secure.


Actually, the border situation is only slightly better than it was in September when a 99-year record was broken with 270,000 border crossings.

October saw 241,000 border-crossers. The Biden administration, looking for any silver lining it can get, pointed out that the number of Venezuelans trying to cross the border fell a little bit.

“In conjunction with our resumption of removal flights to Venezuela consistent with delivering There are v CBP saw a 65 percent decrease in southwest border encounters of Venezuelans in the second half of October, compared to the second half of September,” Troy Miller, the CBP senior official performing the duties of the commissioner, said in a statement.

Malarkey. Few people experience any consequences for crossing the border illegally. Most are given a cursory examination, a quick computer search to make sure they haven’t publicly said they want to blow something up in the U.S., and then sent on their merry way with a slip of paper telling them when to report to immigration court, usually five years from now.

Washington Examiner:

At the southern border, 188,788 immigrants were arrested by the Border Patrol, and 52,210 immigrants sought admission at ports but lacked documents, for a total of 240,988 southern border encounters.

Approximately 123,055 of that number were single adults, 106,290 arrived with a family member, and 11,522 were unaccompanied children.

Beyond the 240,988 encounters at the southern border, 15,399 immigrants were encountered at the Canadian border, and an additional 54,000 people were encountered by customs officers nationwide, predominantly people who applied outside the United States to be admitted into the country.


Included in the total number of encounters at the border were 44,000 who came into the country via appointment through the CBP One app. 

One of the least publicized numbers of illegals who cross the border is the approximate number of illegal aliens who are successful in evading the border patrol and becoming “gotaways.”

New York Post:

In the last financial year, CBP said 900,000 migrants had been allowed into the country legally along the southwest border under humanitarian parole, allowing them to pursue asylum applications.

Homeland security officials said they had removed more than 355,000 people “without a legal basis to remain” in the US since May. That represents around 25% of all those who were encountered at the border in the same period.

The chaos at the border is due to incompetent management and bad policy. In San Diego, more than 500 people a day are overrunning the border crossing there. Due to limited shelter space, many of the young men are being dropped off at makeshift transit centers to be bused somewhere else.

“Many don’t know where they are — that this is San Diego, this is [the] San Diego region, the nearest airport is San Diego, and how to get to their final destination,” said Paulina Reyes-Perrariz, managing attorney for Immigrant Defender Law Center’s cross-border initiative.


While running for president in 2020, Biden promised a “fair, orderly, and humane immigration system.” So far, he’s 0-3 with his unfair, chaotic, and inhuman border situation that rests entirely on his shoulders.

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