Levin: Biden would rather trash America than our terrorist enemies

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Pro-Palestinian protesters were caught on camera attempting to break through the White House gate, but, of course, the Biden administration doesn’t care. Instead, they’re still locking up peaceful protesters from January 6.

Nor do they care about what happened in Thousand Oaks, where an older Jewish man with an Israel flag was hit over the head and killed.

“And then we have the White House talk about Islamophobia,” Mark Levin says, disgusted. “There is no Islamophobia in America.”

Unlike the Chinese, who are slaughtering Uyghurs in China, there are no Muslims being slaughtered in America.

“We don’t slaughter Muslims in this country,” Levin says. “Who are the people marching in the streets? Are they rabid Jews violent against Muslims? No.”

Levin notes that on college campuses, it also isn’t the Jews who are controlling speech and throttling academic freedom.

“It’s nobody else except the Islamists,” who Levin describes as “somebody who believes in a caliphate” and “imposing their religion on everybody else.”

“And not just their religion,” he adds, but “their ideological terrorist approach to their religion on everybody else.”

But the Biden administration and the Democrat Party aren’t concerned, as they would rather trash Americans.

“Joe Biden, even the other day, after the election, would rather trash tens of millions of Americans as extremist, radical, MAGA Republicans. He doesn’t talk about that way to the Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran,” Levin says.

Instead, Biden and his fellow Democrats should encourage people of other religions and cultures to “assimilate into this country” — not force Americans to “assimilate into their culture.”

Otherwise, Levin warns that “soon there’ll be nothing left to assimilate into cause they’re destroying our culture.”

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