Virtue-Signaling Run Amok: Massachusetts and Michigan Cities Display Palestinian Flag in ‘Solidarity’

How crazy are leftists? This crazy: a couple of American cities have decided to display the Palestinian flag to show their solidarity with the bloodthirsty jihad terrorists who murdered 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7 — no, wait, that’s incorrect. 


The preening moralists responsible for the flag displays in both cities would insist that they are standing with the people of Gaza, whom Hamas most emphatically does not represent, despite being elected overwhelmingly in the last elections held there. That was in 2006, but Hamas has not had to deal with any unrest from disgruntled Gazans since then.

The first instance of this particularly nauseating example of virtue-signaling came on Monday from the bucolic hamlet of North Andover, Mass. WHDH reported that North Andover High School was the site of a “lively Select Board meeting” that approved a proposal to fly the flag of countless murderous jihadis over the Town Common.

Oops, there I go again. There were people at this meeting who objected to the idea of the Palestinian flag flying over the Town Common. A rabbi, Iden Irelander, stated, “It’s a big deal for us to see the Palestinian flag that many of us think represents the attempted genocide of the Jewish people. It basically represents Hamas, since they are the elected ruling party in Gaza.” 

But a supporter of the proposal batted this back, saying, “It’s a flag that represents its people, it’s a flag that represents a nation, the heritage of the people, their traditions, their culture and it doesn’t represent a terrorist group.”

That sounds swell until one remembers that “Palestine” is an artificial nation and people with no distinctive traditions or culture of its own, created solely as a weapon to be used against Israel. As “The Palestinian Delusion“ details, no one ever spoke of a “Palestinian people” before 1964. 


The Palestinian Arabs are not distinguishable linguistically, culturally, ethnically, or religiously from the Arabs of Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, and no one spoke of them as a nation of their own until this became a useful means (devised by the KGB and Yasir Arafat) to counter the popularity of Israel as a courageous underdog facing off against twenty-two massive Arab states and Muslim non-Arab states as well.

These facts show the hollowness of the North Andover resident’s claims that the Palestinian flag “represents a nation, the heritage of the people, their traditions, their culture.” There is no Palestinian heritage, tradition, or culture other than hating Israel and wanting to destroy it. That’s why the Palestinian nationality was fabricated, and that’s why it exists.

Nevertheless, no one said any of that at the North Andover Select Board meeting, if anyone there knew it at all. And in Dearborn Heights, Mich., the same thing has been going on. 

Dearborn Heights is next to Dearborn, which has a majority population of Muslims and Arabs (there are quite a few Christian Arabs there as well). Dearborn Heights doesn’t have any such population, but apparently the people there don’t want Hamas supporters in Dearborn to start think that their neighbors are “Islamophobic,” so on Tuesday, they took action.

The Daily Wire reported that “a local government-owned sign welcoming people into the city of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, was adorned with Palestinian flags Tuesday.” Dearborn’s TCD News explained on Instagram: “This morning, in another show of solidarity, Palestinian flags were placed on the ‘Welcome to Dearborn Heights’ sign along Ford Road, highlighting the city’s support for the people of Palestine.”


The Instagram post drew a slew of unhappy comments, including: “Okay but where’s the American flag[?]” “F*** that remember yall all are American first.” “We need more AMERICAN FLAGS in these [people’s] hands they all live in America, where’s the American flag tho?” 

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Well, yes. That’s a legitimate and important point, but the worst part of this is not that the flag of another nation, or whatever it is, is being flown in American cities. The worst part is that this is happening as pro-Palestinian demonstrations are becoming increasingly open in their genocidal anti-Israel declarations, and despite bland dismissals of the objection that the Palestinian flag is inextricably bound up with Hamas, there really isn’t much of anything that Palestinians are known for other than hatred and terror.

And now that hatred and terror has the official endorsement of two U.S. cities. Watch for more to fall into line.

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