“I Like Kids Better Than People” – Joe Biden Rambles Incoherently at Screening of “Wonka” (VIDEO)


Joe and Jill Biden on Sunday kicked off an advance screening of “Wonka” for military servicemembers and their families.

Biden wandered out on stage and incoherently rambled for about two minutes before shuffling away.

At one point Joe Biden was struggling so bad that Jill Biden urgently whispered something to him to help him along the way.

“I like kids more than people,” Biden blurted out after an awkward minute of mumbling.


After the screening of Wonka, Joe Biden headed

He immediately beelined toward a 6-year-old girl and asked her if she was 17 years old.

“And I love your ears!” Biden said as he shuffled over to the child. “I love them! They’re really cool! What’s your name?”

Biden got in the child’s face and said, “Catherine? That’s my mommy’s name! Well, nice to see you – how old are you? 17?”

“I’m 6,” the little girl said.

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