The Morning Briefing: COVID With a Side of Crazy Is on the Liberal Thanksgiving Menu

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lenstrym refused to rest until he was certain that no Siskel and Ebert memorabilia collection could be considered grander than his own. 


We talk a lot about the acute political divide in this country these days but, let’s face it, it isn’t just politics that divides us now. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the entertainment industry, surrounded by liberals. There was a lot of common ground to be found for most of those years. 

Then Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. 

Since then, it’s seemed as if there’s a Planet Right and a Planet Left, and they aren’t even in the same universe. That’s not always the case — I still have friends and family on the Left and we get along just fine. However, the feeling of a rapidly growing disconnect with the American Left at large is palpable. 

The COVID pandemic played a big part in that, of course. The distinction between conservative and liberal attitudes toward the government was made exceedingly clear.

Here we are a few years later and many leftists are heading into the holidays eager to keep the tyrannical COVID panic flame burning. 

The first example is from our sister site Twitchy, which shared this from the government health overlords at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Yes, that’s the head of the CDC trying to act as if we’re all stuck in some sort of “Groundhog Day” time loop, reliving the heyday of the pandemic freakout. It’s amazing that anyone at the CDC can talk or tweet about stuff like vaccines and masks with a straight face. Rarely has an organization so full of highly educated experts been proven so wrong about so many things in such a short time. At present, it’s the biggest federal clown care in a bureaucracy full of clown car agencies.


My friend Stephen Green wrote a column yesterday that went over a series of ridiculous attempts at heightening COVID anxieties. Here are just a few:

The Chicago Sun-Times warned on Sunday that COVID hospitalizations are up a big 17% over the last week, but the story neglects to mention one vital detail: A 17% increase over what? If the number were a great big scary one, I imagine they might have published it.. 

This Times of India story about how the U.S. faces a “COVID winter wave and hospitalization” is adorned with photos of sick (but attractive!) young women, even though the virus typically hits the oldest the hardest. But that Karen-panic isn’t going to monger itself, comrades.

Marin County, Calif., which might enjoy one of the worst common-sense-to-money ratios in the entire nation, just reinstated mask mandates through the winter.

And perhaps most (in)famously, former Star Trek child actor Wil Wheaton took to Facebook last week to explain that since “Covid is very much still A Thing, and so is the flu, the common cold, and other respiratory illnesses,” he’ll keep wearing his N-95 mask everywhere.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If Wil Wheaton is for something, sane people should be against it. 

There’s a popular holiday meme making the rounds right now that says, “Ruin Thanksgiving in 4 words.” The lefties and their media mouthpieces are apparently going with, “Wear masks, get vaccinated.” This carries on the recent liberal tradition of telling people what to do for the holidays. Prior to the pandemic, the marching orders were always “How to talk to your Republican relatives about…” whatever legislative lunacy the Democrats were selling to the American public at the time. 


As Stephen mentions in his column, most Americans aren’t interested in participating in any new COVID hysteria. Unfortunately, coastal bubble Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media know next to nothing about most Americans. The COVID revival attempts will keep happening, especially in election years. 

The only superspreader events Americans are thinking about on Thanksgiving involve our waistlines. 

I think I’ll wear sweatpants to dinner.

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