What Was Their First Clue? Poll Shows Most Voters Think Old Joe’s Mental Decline Is Real.

Three-plus years into Old Joe Biden’s disastrous performance as the ostensible president of the United States, he is giving us more evidence of his mental decline practically every time he makes a public appearance. To list all of his mental lapses, incomprehensible statements, and displays of cognitive vacancy would take more space than this column and indeed the whole of PJ Media has available. 


And now, finally, even low-information voters are waking up to what is going on: a new poll shows that even as the leftist political and media elites continue to prattle about his “stutter,” the American people aren’t buying it. Increasing numbers know that Old Joe ain’t home.

The pollsters at Rasmussen Reports noted on Monday that “a majority of voters perceive him as losing his mental sharpness.” The latest Rasmussen survey shows that “57% of Likely U.S. voters think that, over time, Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp. Thirty-three percent (33%) disagree.”

Wait a minute. Thirty-three percent think Old Joe is not any less mentally sharp than he was back in the palmy days when he was plagiarizing papers at law school, stealing speeches from a British socialist leader, or assassinating the character of Clarence Thomas? What planet are these people living on? Or are they just so desperately afraid of Bad Orange Man, whom they have been brainwashed to think will do all the things to destroy “our democracy” that the Biden regime is actually doing, that they just can’t bring themselves to admit the blazingly obvious?  

It is, in fact, not a good advertisement for universal suffrage that fully 33% of likely voters would vote for SpongeBob SquarePants for president if he had a “D” after his name. Old Joe could even pass on to the great beyond and meet the real Big Guy, and a massive segment of the American electorate would still pull the lever for him rather than a living and breathing human being with an R after his or her name. It’s a tribal thing, as well as an awareness of the fact that one party is more likely to keep the DEI scam and the federal handout gravy train going more enthusiastically than the other, although the real difference between the parties gets narrower all the time.


Nevertheless, the number of Americans who are aware that Old Joe is an empty husk is growing, and the people who are running the Biden regime can do nothing about it, for all Biden has to do is stand still to prove that nobody is home. The Juneteenth celebrations at the White House on Monday, which Matt Margolis ably dissected here, were a case in point. Amid a scene of truly Dantescan ludicrousness, featuring a bearded man in a glittering gown and apprentice figurehead Kamala Harris cackling maniacally, Old Joe stood stock still, apparently having lost all awareness of where he was or what he was supposed to be doing until George Floyd’s brother came to the rescue and snapped the Most Powerful Man In The World out of his trance-like vacancy.

Nothing improved for Old Joe on Tuesday. After America’s First Son Hunter Biden was convicted on gun charges, Biden, filled with fire, spoke in rapid-fire fashion to Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America. “We need you!” the old corruptocrat shouted off his teleprompter. “We need you to overcome the unrelenting opposition of the gun lobby, gun manufacturers, and so many politicians when they oppose gun lobby legislation.” 

Then the lies and distortions started. Political commentator Greg Price noted that Biden “claims he was a professor at UPenn, which he never was; claims he taught a constitutional law class on the second amendment, which he never did; says that you couldn’t own a cannon when 2A was implemented, which you could; and ends by failing miserably to say the phrase ‘the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots.’” 


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Indeed. To laughter from his sycophantic audience, Biden said, “You couldn’t own a cannon during the Civil War.” Even if that were true, it would have nothing to do with the Second Amendment, which was ratified seventy years before the Civil War began. Old Joe was mixing up his historical conflicts. 

Then he continued, “No, I’m serious. Think about it. How much urrr heard this phrase?” Then he adopted a deep, stentorian voice, in order to mock the patriotic sentiment he then attempted to quote: “The blood of liberty —” and he paused, as the sycophants guffawed — “washes those — gimme a break!” The crowd laughed and applauded, as Old Joe went into his borscht belt comedian mode and insisted, “No, I mean it! Seriously!”

Yeah, this sinister old authoritarian puppet is a real laugh riot. But more Americans are catching on to what is going on, and they aren’t laughing.

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