After Guilty Verdict, CNN Trots Out Hunter Biden’s…Spiritual Advisor ?

The Hunter Biden federal gun trial has concluded with a guilty verdict and has now shifted to the sentencing phase. The Regime Media is making sure to lay down narrative groundwork ahead of the sentencing hearing. To that end, CNN has found Hunter’s “spiritual advisor”.

Watch as Phillip leads the Reverend Doctor Christopher Bullock into a discussion of remorse:

ABBY PHILLIP: You know, Hunter Biden has talked about his addiction, he’s talked about what that has been like for his life, but I wonder on this particular issue, or the set of issues that he was charged or has now been convicted of, has he ever expressed remorse for what led to all of this?

REV. DR. CHRISTOPHER BULLOCK: I believe that he’s aware of every step of his journey and remorse is a part of the process. Therefore, he is prepared to move forward knowing that God is a forgiving God. He has said in his own words that he has hurt people along the way, but we know that the power of prayer, the power of family, the power of faith can change him and any situation.

Set aside your natural skepticism about whether or not Hunter Biden actually even has a spiritual advisor, and whether or not he actually listens to his advice. The bigger questions here are: why was he made available to the press, and why did Abby Phillip lead with the question on remorse? 

Remorse is an element that the judge may consider at the time of sentencing. A spiritual advisor going on the record and saying that the defendant is remorseful is something that the defense can submit as an exhibit in support of their arguments for a more lenient sentence. 

The rest of the interview was more narrative-setting and image rehab, which is key ahead of both the sentencing and the tax evasion trial in Los Angeles. The segment was also an opportunity for Phillip to elicit sympathy, via the Reverend, for President Biden, and to cast Hunter’s trial as a personal trial along with the loss of his first wife. 

Expect more of this media image rehab in the coming days and weeks, in an effort to cast Hunter Biden as a sympathetic victim of his own addictions rather than a willful participant in the things of which he is accused. Although this trial is over, the Regime Media continue hard at work.

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