Bill Burr blasts the hypocrisy of left-wing whites during sold out show at UC Berkeley: ‘I f***ing hate liberals!’

Comedian Bill Burr went on the attack against the hypocrisy of the left during his stand-up show at the University of California, Berkeley, known as a haven for left-wing thought.

Burr’s outbursts at the sold-out show on Saturday were disapprovingly reported by the San Francisco Gate.

‘You are one of the people I see that makes me not believe in a loving god.’

“I f***ing hate liberals!” he said during the show and clarified that he was referring to white liberals.

Burr mocked white liberals for putting posters in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in their windows while not doing anything to actually help black people.

“That’s like if I told you my great grandmother in Germany had a ‘Knock it off, Nazis’ sign,” he said.

He followed up by mocking white people who try to co-opt the suffering of others to make it about themselves.

“If you run into a white person who says they’re an empath, run the other way,” he continued.

He also mocked the crowd for their politically incorrect reaction of laughing when he joked about President Joe Biden suffering from dementia.

The SF Gate also disapproved of Burr mocking a heckler in the audience by ridiculing his physique.

“You are one of the people I see that makes me not believe in a loving god,” Burr said to the heckler.

Despite Burr assailing liberalism on a far-left campus, the outlet said that students were very receptive to his act and laughed throughout the show. Burr also seemed to appreciate the overall reception from the crowd.

“Berkeley, you guys were amazing. I hope we get to do this again,” he said at the end of his show.

Burr is known for his combative and contrarian takes and has been extremely critical of attempts by the left to cancel comedians who stray from the approved politically correct narratives. He has also made it clear that he is not a fan of Republicans or former President Donald Trump.

In December, Burr mocked Jimmy Kimmel and others on the left by predicting that Trump would win the Republican nomination and blaming them for indicting him.

“If you want to see a great case on narcissism … liberals are so f***ing stupid, the way that they handled Trump,” said Burr at the time to a confused Kimmel.

“Now, he’s a martyr! He’s coming back, Jimmy! He’s comin’ back! It’s gonna be great for comedy!” he added.

He made it clear that he wasn’t cheering for either Biden or Trump with his next quip.

“With any luck, they’ll both die of natural causes before the election, and maybe you could get somebody that still has something to live for,” Burr added to loud laughter and applause from Kimmel’s audience.

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