Media, government knew all along the identity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Delaware trial reveals

Media, government knew all along the identity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Delaware trial reveals

It has finally been confirmed by the court system that the infamous laptop tied to Hunter Biden is, in fact, owned by President Biden’s drug-addicted son.

In the ongoing Delaware trial of Hunter Biden, said laptop was entered into evidence as having been verified as such through serial numbers and Apple records, this also affirmed by FBI agent Erika Jensen.

As you may recall, 51 prominent U.S. intelligence officials called the laptop a “Russian hoax” in the months leading up to the stolen 2020 election. As of June 5, however, that “Russian hoax” has been proven not to be true after all.

According to Jensen, there was no evidence uncovered by the FBI to suggest that the device was tampered with, this being another of the erroneous claims made before the 2020 election to protect the Biden Crime Family from scrutiny.

The FBI first received the laptop in December 2019 by the computer repair shop where Hunter reportedly left it. Since that time until now, the intelligence community at large has been running cover for the Bidens by claiming it was a “Russian hoax.”

(Related: Remember when Twitter lied about Hunter’s laptop being “hacked,” a claim that was easily disproven simply by looking at the repair contract?)

Time for the Biden Crime Family to pay

As you may recall, it was the New York Post that dropped the first bombshells about the contents of Hunter’s laptop. This prompted a massive coverup effort led by then-senior Biden campaign advisor Antony Blinken who orchestrated the 51 intelligence officials smearing at as a “Russian hoax.”

Both the mainstream media and social media followed suit by suppressing the story as “fake,” at least until Biden was able to get through the debates before being installed in the White House. Now, four years later, we know that the laptop is very real – and very damning.

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In April 2023, the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Blinken confronting him in the coverup, this after congressional testimony revealed that there was coordinated suppression of the laptop scandal.

In 2022, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) questioned FBI Cyber Division assistant director Bryan Vorndran concerning the whereabouts of the laptop, to which Vorndran said he did not “have any information about the Hunter Biden laptop.” Gaetz then entered a copy of the laptop into the official Congressional Record.

“While the laptop continues to expose the corruption of the Biden family, perhaps even slightly worse is the corruption of the FBI due to the massive number of people involved in the coverup,” wrote a commenter at LifeSiteNews about the matter.

“It’s been well documented that if the American people knew about the laptop before the election, Biden would have lost. This is what happens when you have an agency that gets its walking orders from the Democrat Party. Until the FBI is brought to its knees, the corruption will only get worse (if that’s even possible).”

Another wrote that it is obvious Biden lost the 2020 election even without the laptop.

“Too much evidence to the contrary but the lie is repeated enough, even by ‘good guys.'”

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