Climate Activists Tried to Disrupt Congressional Baseball Game. It Didn’t Go Well.

The Congressional Baseball Game, played since 1909, was briefly disrupted by activists who were protesting against people having fun. Or maybe it was the climate. It was rather warm at the game and they may have been upset about the lack of ice in their drinks.


Regardless of why, the U.S. Capitol Police made very short work of them.

I have no idea why they were bragging. As Haley Strack of NRO points out, the slobs weren’t on the field long enough for people to read their T-shirts.

The “takeover” was much more of a “takedown.” Viewers didn’t even get a chance to read the writing on activists’ shirts before they were escorted off the field. This reporter could only tell that the protest was climate-related due to activists’ sullen, malnourished appearance, hallmark of vegans. Just after the activists were arrested, Republicans led the stadium in a “USA” chant. Cops handed the eight activists federal charges: “Interference with a Member of the U.S. Capitol Police.”

Not to be outdone, pro-Hamas activists began to wave Palestinian flags chanting “cease-fire now!!” as Capitol Police tackled the climate hysterics. The crowd booed them out of the stadium.


Eight of the Klimate Klowns were arrested. 

It turns out that the hysterical activists were enraged because the oil giant Chevron sponsored the game — for charity. That ought to show those evil fossil fuel villains.

“We are proud of our officers who are working to keep everyone safe during tonight’s Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. When eight people tried to protest on the field, our officers quickly stopped them and arrested them. The eight people are being charged with federal charges — Interference with a Member of the U.S. Capitol Police,” Capitol Police wrote in a statement on X

Scalise, an excellent college player in his day, was a regular at the Congressional game until he was shot in 2017 during practice for the game by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Last September, he was diagnosed with cancer. He made it to the game on Wednesday night and was walked on four pitches.


His wounds were so severe that he spent months learning how to walk again. He made it down to first base without assistance. A triumph of the spirit.

I’m afraid that the Congressional Baseball Game has now fallen victim to the times. There is no respite from stupidity and wickedness.

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