Hamas has held American hostages for 250 days as American media sympathizes with — HAMAS?!

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In 1979, Islamic fundamentalists successfully overthrew the pro-American Shah of Iran and took over 50 American diplomats hostage for 444 days. Naturally, the crisis dominated American media, which reflected poorly on Carter’s management of foreign policy.

In an eerily similar parallel, Hamas has now held hostages for 250 days — some of whom are American hostages — and what does our media do? It remains Team Hamas, while Glenn Beck remains one of the sole people reminding Americans how many days their fellow citizens have been held captive.

Last Saturday, the IDF managed to rescue four hostages after 245 days in captivity, and American mainstream media is framing the story around the damage done in Gaza. Never mind the fact that Hamas builds its headquarters below a Gazan hospital, stations its hostages with civilians, and kills captives prior to rescue missions. What’s more important is that the IDF’s rescue operation caused casualties in Gaza — casualties reported exclusively by Hamas and other Gazan groups, mind you.

Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, despite their keen awareness of the media’s toxicity, have never seen something of this caliber before.

“I really like the comment that I saw in the news that Israel should have given Hamas some warning that they were coming,” says Glenn sarcastically. “I thought it was unfair on D-Day that … we didn’t call [Hitler] up and say, ‘Hey, in a couple hours we’re coming over; you might want to prepare.”’

To make matters more confusing, “[America] apparently provided support for the raid.” But Glenn and Stu are dubious considering Biden’s wishy-washy stance on the war and the media’s tendency to sympathize with Hamas.

“Would Israel take our help for something like this?” asks Glenn.

To hear the rest of the conversation, watch the clip below.

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