LESBIAN SPACE WITCHES? Newest Star Wars Series Gets Panned After Taking Woke to a Whole New Level (VIDEO)


The newest Star Wars series ‘The Acolyte’ is getting panned by viewers for going even more woke than previous projects.

A scene from the latest episode is going viral on social media which features lesbian witches using the force to do… something that isn’t entirely clear.

What is crystal clear, is that this is not your dad’s Star Wars. Disney has seriously lost the plot.

RedState reports:

Star Wars Is Now Lesbian Space Witches…I’m Not Kidding

I didn’t need to tell you that Star Wars is on the decline. I’ve been writing about it for years now. However, it’s reached what I can only hope is rock bottom, though I’m not trusting to hope.

In the third and most recent episode of “The Acolyte,” the latest Star Wars outing that Kathleen Kennedy is limping to the barn with, you’re introduced to a coven of lesbian space witches. I’m not going to get into who they are or what they’re called. I don’t care enough and neither do you at this point. It’s a dumb franchise with dumb people at the helm.

But just to show you how everything that becomes infected with the woke mind virus turns to absolute dung, let’s see what this coven of lesbian space witches are up to.

In this scene, they’re conducting a ritual to immaculately conceive twins with a song and some fun little hand gestures.

See the clip below:

Leftists in Hollywood seem determined to destroy the Star Wars brand altogether.

What other conclusion could anyone possibly reach?

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