Russian Nuke Ships Are 90 Miles Away From Florida. What Could Go Wrong?

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The ghost of the Cuban Missile Crisis has reared its ugly nuclear head roughly 60 years after JFK stared down the Soviets back in October 1962.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Cuban missile crisis is believed to have been the closest the world has come to WWIII, though one might argue we are back to square one in our relations with Russia.


Four Russian ships, including one nuclear-armed frigate and a nuclear submarine, sailed into Havana harbor on Wednesday after cruising a mere 25 nautical miles from the coast of Florida.

One of the ships is an oil tanker, and the other is a tug. Russia’s newest frigate, called Admiral Gorshkov, can launch hypersonic missiles.

FACT-O-RAMA!  Hypersonic missiles travel at a speed of roughly one mile per second and can allegedly carry nuclear warheads. This means Miami can be destroyed from Cuba in about 90 seconds, or in less than half a minute if launched from 25 miles away.

Vladimir Putin’s Ministry of Defense stated that the ships were conducting drills and dress rehearsals involving hitting targets more than 370 miles away as well as anti-aircraft maneuvers.

Many see this saber-rattling move as a response to bleary-eyed Joe Biden’s dedication to arming Ukraine in its seemingly never-ending war against Russia. Putin stated that he might take what he called “asymmetrical steps” as Washington, D.C. swamp wigglers continue to send mountains of money and arms to Ukraine, and he appears to have done just that.


The historically chummy nations of Cuba and Russia will exchange 21-gun salutes as the Russian ships anchor in Havana harbor.

REMINDER-O-RAMA! China has a spy station on Cuba.

It is believed the ships will sail on to Venezuela, another socialist nation, when they leave on June 17. Though Russia hasn’t said whether or not the ships are carrying nuclear weapons, Cuban head honchos claim the ships aren’t carrying nukes on this trip.

Now is a good time to remind you that Putin recently threatened to place his most devastating weapons on sites close to NATO allies. This comes roughly seven months after Moscow declared Poland a “dangerous enemy” and less than six weeks after a Russian general threatened that France and Russia could become targets of the Russian military if NATO ramps up its support of Ukraine.

“We must calmly say that if France deploys troops, we destroy the French headquarters on French territory,” Russian media official Vladamir Solovyov defiantly declared

UNDENIABLE FACT-O-RAMA! The world was largely peaceful during Donald Trump’s first term. Russia wasn’t threatening to bomb France and Poland, and Hamas didn’t launch a hit-and-run invasion into Israel. 


Russia and Cuba forged financial deals in May 2023 that would help fluff up Cuba’s money-hungry economy. Cuba would get help to boost rum and sugar exports, and Russia agreed to supply wheat and oil to the tiny commie pinko island. The U.S. continues to forbid American companies from doing business with Cuba.

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