The Morning Briefing: MSM Hacks Are Blackout Drunk on Their Own Biden Kool-Aid

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Swalbalya was the delight of Summer Cornhole with her whiskey/coconut snow cones. 


We are going to shake things up just a little today. Traditionally, here at the “Top O’ the Briefing” I focus on something one or more of my PJ Media colleagues has written the previous day. I will occasionally also reference a colleague from one of the other Mothership sites. 

Quite often during the week, I will run across an item or two that I’ve got some things to say about, but I am not sure if there is a lengthy column in it. 

I finally remembered that I write a newsletter five days a week. Why not use it for some shorter form eviscerating of liberal lunatics analysis? It won’t be every day, obviously, but I think it might be fun to try something new. 

There were two things I happened upon today that I’ll mention here. One of them was written Monday, but I missed it then. It was written by The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson, who I often ignore because his crazy is of the bat guano variety. 

Robinson wrote a column titled, “Is Donald Trump okay?” It’s a disturbing, yet dazzling, display of the ability of Dem media apologists to write alternative realities regarding Joe Biden. The opening paragraph is all you need to see from this herculean water-carrying effort.

The Washington Post:

It is irresponsible to obsess over President Biden’s tendency to mangle a couple of words in a speech while Donald Trump is out there sounding detached from reality. Biden, who is old, at least makes sense. Trump, who also is old, rants like someone you’d cross the street to avoid.


I am a big Sci-Fi fan and am willing to entertain the possibility that we live in a multiverse. If we do, I can guarantee that there isn’t one of them in which Joe Biden “makes sense.” Joe Biden didn’t make sense before the dementia set in, he certainly hasn’t gotten better. 

Let’s get to the next article that leapt out at me today. It was written by New York Times Opinion contributor Thomas B. Edsall, who occasionally provides fodder for my “Trump Derangement Syndrome Meltdown of the Week” column. His latest effort laments the fact that people won’t dislike Donald Trump for the reasons that he and his Coastal Media Bubble™ pals do. 

Here’s a snippet from the Times

The failure of the Biden media onslaught to move the needle so far reflects the fact that Trump’s supporters see his unscrupulous and nefarious character, openly on exhibit, as a strength, not a liability.

It’s absolutely adorable when drones from the Dem hive mind pretend to know what’s in the heads of free-thinking individuals on the Right, isn’t it? No, Tommy boy, we’re just not buying what you’re selling. 

Robinson and Edsall provide perfect snapshots of the effects of the stress of creating and maintaining a fictional Joe Biden since 2020. 

People often insist that the MSM hacks who lie for a living in service of the Democratic National Committee are fully aware that they’re belching up propaganda manure. I would say that’s usually true. It is a very different story when it comes to President LOLEightyonemillion, however. 


Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and permanently warps the minds of those it affects. After creating a Joe Biden who never existed out of whole cloth in 2020, and then having to constantly reinforce it in the face of overwhelming evidence that they’re full of it, they’ve cracked. They now actually believe their own fiction. As we discussed in yesterday’s Briefing, the flying monkeys have taken great offense to the article in the Wall Street Journal that said that Biden is losing it. 

That’s because they don’t think he is. No, really. I’ve been writing about these lapdogs for two decades, I can see the difference. They’re not just peddling the Kool-Aid, they’re sampling their own product. 

OK, that was fun. I want to remind everyone once again that the KRUISERMB promo code will get you a 50% discount when you subscribe to join our VIP family. You can see that we’ve got a lot to push back against, especially between now and November. We would love to have you along for the full ride. 

I greatly appreciate all who’ve been hanging around the Morning Briefing for so long, and I aim to keep things interesting for you. 

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