What Europe’s REJECTION of globalism means for the rest of the world

The mainstream media would have you believe right-wing, Hitler-esque extremists won in the recent European Parliament elections, but hopefully you know by now not to trust a word they say.

According to journalist Alex Newman — who spent a decade working in several different European countries — the truth is that the election results reflect some very positive news: There is a growing rejection of globalism occurring in Europe.

“We have a fake narrative from the fake media,” he told Glenn Beck. “Europeans, I think, like Americans, are tired of the globalism; they’re tired of the mass migration; they’re tired of the economic suffering because of the inflation and the climate policies and the war on farmers, and all the rest. And they want something different.”

Further, France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, dissolved the lower house of France’s Parliament after the election.

“After the election results, his party was absolutely crushed. … The result was devastating for his globalist establishment political party,” Newman explains, adding that “the party that won by a massive margin … is basically the antithesis of Macron’s party” in that “they’re very strong French nationalists” who “want to preserve French identity.”

“They want to do deportations; they want to remove criminals and illegal aliens out of France. In some ways you might call them anti-islamic. They are opposed to what they call the Islamization of France.”

While there’s still much to be determined, “this could lead to some very, very profound changes in the way France is governed, and that by extension then would lead to some profound shifts across Europe,” says Newman.

While Glenn is encouraged by the news, he can’t help but wonder about the upcoming United Nations annual meeting, which is still very intent on pushing a global agenda, as “transforming global governance” is on the itinerary for the event.

“They’re giving the United Nations extra powers that can be enacted in emergencies, and so they’re getting around the sovereignty by saying, ‘oh this would only happen in a global emergency,’ but we all know emergencies are always right around the corner,” Glenn tells Newman.

Newman, who will actually attend the event and report his findings, thinks of the meeting as an “attempted constitutional convention.”

“They want to throw off the shackles that have kind of restrained their power-grabs over the decades and usurp vast new powers,” he explains. “And that’s not speculation.”

To learn more about how the elites plan to ensure their plan for globalism endures, watch the clip below.

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