CBS News Crib-Strangles The Left’s Latest Fake Clarence Thomas Scandal

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We are repeatedly told that the press has a fundamental role in safeguarding our institutions, nay, our Democracy- notwithstanding the media’s role in the left’s ongoing attack against the Supreme Court. But, on occasion, the truth emerges. 

Watch as CBS’s Jan Crawford nukes the latest attempt to smear Justice Clarence Thomas, at the end of the network’s coverage of the Supreme Court’s unanimous punt on abortion pills:



6:33 PM

NORAH O’DONNELL: And Jan, I do want to ask you about that breaking news about Justice Clarence Thomas, a report revealing he took more flights on a private jet funded by a megadonor. And they were not disclosed by the justice. What can you tell us?

JAN CRAWFORD: Well, the Senate Judiciary Committee has released some documents that show he took three additional trips with his longtime friend, the billionaire Harlan Crow, including a trip to Montana, another trip back to his family home in Savannah, but Justice Thomas has always maintained that those kind of trips with a friend, who didn’t have business before the court were personal hospitality, and as a result did not have to be disclosed under the rules in place at the time. The Judicial Conference changed those rules last year. Justice Thomas says going forward he will report all of that travel on his disclosure reports. Norah.

O’DONNELL: Jan Crawford at the Supreme Court, thank you.

This ethical accusation levied by the Democrat-run Senate Judiciary Committee is the latest in an ongoing effort to delegitimize the conservative-majority Supreme Court. Per CNN:

Justice Clarence Thomas took several more trips on the private plane of GOP megadonor Harlan Crow than were previously known, a top Senate Democrat revealed Thursday.

According to information obtained by Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin, Thomas traveled on Crow’s private jet during trips in 2017, 2019 and 2021 between various US states, as well as on a previously known 2019 trip to Indonesia, during which Thomas also stayed on Crow’s mega-yacht.

The newly revealed private plane trips add to the picture of luxury travel enjoyed by Thomas and bankrolled by friends of the justice who have ties to conservative politics.

Between this and the Alito flag kerfuffle, now with activists wearing wires and trying to catch Alito and wife in some scandalous statement, it is clear that the left is running an ongoing op with the aim of undermining public confidence in the Supreme Court. And the Regime Media are largely complicit in these efforts. 

This is the same media that grotesquely underreported Senator Chuck Schumer’s grotesque incitation of violence against Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh over potential abortion rulings, which led to illegal and potentially violent marches on the homes of the conservative justices, and to a madman flying across the country with the intent to murder Justice Kavanaugh and maybe two others. 

Although Norah O’Donnell tees the scandal up for Crawford, her reporting promptly exposes this latest “revelation” for what it really is. The trips were taken before the latest rules were put in place. This is just part of an effort to delegitimize the Court- an effort that was, at least on CBS, exposed for what it was.

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