Joy Reid Justifies Climate Crazies’ Run-In At Congressional Baseball Game

MSNBC’s Joy Reid opened her nightly hourlong cavalcade of hateful ramblings with a justification of the climate extinctionists that very briefly interrupted the Congressional Baseball game at Nationals Park before getting swiftly speared into oblivion by the U.S. Capitol Police.

Watch as Reid blames last night’s “direct action” on “our completely dysfunctional Congress”:

JOY REID: As for the chaos at home, allow me to share a story you don’t hear much about, you probably didn’t hear much about: last night’s congressional baseball game, an annual affair that’s normally pretty innocuous, a vestige of bipartisanship and congeniality that raises money for charities. But this year, it was interrupted by climate protestors. Eight people were arrested as they tried to protest on the field wearing shirts reading “End Fossil Fuels”. Meanwhile, Representative Lauren Boebert was reportedly flouting Nats Park rules by vaping where it’s forbidden. The whole affair is in some ways emblematic of our politics, where crucial issues like the climate catastrophe are no longer debated in the halls of our completely dysfunctional Congress. Particularly, the embarrassing House of Representatives where Boebert is the typical Republican member. Flouting the rules of class and decency. Which leaves people who care about crucial issues for our planet or our country to try to litigate them with lawmakers in the public square.

Oh, we heard about the climate kids’ little run-in, all right. And how could we not, when they posted incessantly about it on X? What kind of narcissists gloat about getting driven into the outfield? The kinds of narcissists that glue themselves to walls and block pavements and throw soup at art exhibits under the guise of advocacy, but who really just want to be the center of attention. Well, at least they gave us some creative fodder: 

And if that were all there was to it, we’d rather not have anything to do with Reid enabling these lunatics and just call it a night. But there is history with the Congressional Baseball Game, and with narcissistic madmen taking the bleatings of an MSNBC host a little too seriously and performing a “direct action”. 

That’s precisely what happened seven years ago, when a deranged Bernie Sanders follower and MSNBC viewer took Rachel Maddow’s apocalyptic rants a little too seriously and shot up a baseball field full of GOP congressmen, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise. The record reflects that the shooter had no contact with Maddow whatsoever prior to the shooting. But he didn’t need to. And in an interesting bit of trivia, who was it that immediately dumped on Scalise as he was recovering in the hospital? You guessed it- Joy Reid.

The clip you saw above was actually part of her introduction into an extended panel whine over former President Donald Trump’s return to the Capitol. And it is in this chain of incoherent ramblings and non sequitur cheap shots that she justifies what happened at Nats Park.

You ramble enough about Congress being a place where “crucial issues…are no longer debated”, and eventually some nutjob takes the hint. Yesterday, it was a bunch of bored (likely) trust fund babies taking “direct action”. We certainly hope it stays that way, Reid’s dangerous rhetoric notwithstanding.

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