Pro-Palestinian protester on crowded NYC subway train orders Zionists to identify themselves

A male pro-Palestinian protester was caught on video earlier this week aboard a crowded New York City subway train — and hollering an order to Zionists to identify themselves: “Raise your hand if you’re a Zionist! This is your chance to get out!”

WABC-TV reported that police are looking for the male who shouted those words as part of a call-and-response chant Monday at the 14th Street-Union Square subway station. You can view video of the chant here.

‘Threatening New Yorkers based on their beliefs is not only vile, it’s illegal and will not be tolerated.’

The male who led the chant then stated, “OK, no Zionists, we’re good.” WABC said the subway train was stationary with its car doors open at the time of the chant.

A witness came forward, WABC said, adding that the NYPD is asking other riders who were aboard that subway car and felt threatened to come forward as well. The station said police sources told ABC News that detectives are looking to file charges of attempted coercion.

WABC said the “apparent protesters” had been rallying above ground at Union Square just minutes before the video of the chant on the subway train was recorded.

“Mayor [Eric] Adams has been clear: New York City will always protect the right to free speech, but we will never allow our city to descend into lawlessness,” a city hall spokesperson told WABC. “Threatening New Yorkers based on their beliefs is not only vile, it’s illegal and will not be tolerated. Anyone with information about those responsible for this illegal conduct should contact the NYPD immediately.”

What’s more, city officials are looking into how to again make it illegal to wear masks at protests, the station said, adding that NYC’s anti-mask laws date back nearly 200 years and were used in the days of Ku Klux Klan protests. The anti-mask laws were repealed in 2020 during pandemic-era rallies against police brutality following George Floyd’s death, WABC said.

This story has been updated.

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