REALLY? Liberal Media Outlets Blame Rising Home Insurance Rates on Climate Change


Climate change. Is there anything it can’t do?

According to liberal media outlets CBS and NBC, the reason that home insurance rates are skyrocketing is climate change, not inflation and the Biden economy.

The amazing thing about this story is that it’s a two-fer for the left. It lets Biden off the hook and promotes climate change at the same time.

NewsBusters reports:

CBS, NBC Find Culprit For Spiking Home Insurance Rates: Climate Change

The Regime Media appear to have settled on a non-Bidenomics or inflation culprit for the ongoing spike in home insurance rates: climate change. CBS and NBC did so immediately after delivering rosy reports on inflation and holding out hope for a single rate cut this year.

Most emblematic of this coverage is NBC’s report, which establishes climate change as a primary culprit of the rise in home ownership costs:

BRIAN CHEUNG: The costs of owning and maintaining a home have soared, up 26% since 2020 according to one analysis. And home insurance is a major piece. That’s up 20%. One of the reasons, climate change. Last year, the United States had a record 28 separate weather and climate disasters costing at least $1 billion, with insurance companies losing money in 16 states. And now many insurers are dropping customers from their policies, sometimes leaving entire states-

The networks will often insert high cost-of-living stories behind reports on the monthly Fed meeting, Consumer Price Index reports, and related rate decisions. Which makes today’s “hide the suck” reports even more interesting.

Even if one believes that climate change may be a reason for spiking home ownership costs, the fact remains that inflation is the primary driver- both seen and unseen.

Newsflash… This is not about climate change.

Our media is beyond repair.

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