This is Sure to Boost Recruitment: Pentagon Plans to Feed Troops Fake Meat Grown in Frankenstein Lab

America’s enemies are more emboldened than they have been since World War II. With Old Joe Biden and his henchmen at the helm, the nation is blundering toward an international crisis, or more than one, and couldn’t be less prepared for that eventuality. As the U.S. military has gone increasingly woke, recruitment has dropped to catastrophic levels and shows no signs of recovering. 


But there is no cause to be alarmed: the Pentagon has a new plan that is sure to boost recruitment: it’s planning to feed troops fake meat cooked up in a lab — you know, to save the planet. Watch America’s best and brightest flock to join the ranks now!

The Washington Free Beacon broke the news of the plot to feed those who will give their lives to protect us Frankenstein meat on Thursday. It reported that “a Pentagon-funded company is seeking proposals to feed America’s soldiers lab-grown meat in a bid to ‘reduce the CO2 footprint’ at Defense Department outposts.” Lab-grown meat. What could be more appetizing? 

The Biden regime couldn’t have concocted a more effective plan if its goal was actually to prevent young men and women from joining the military. The Frankenstein meat scheme comes after the regime’s military has been busy purging the ranks of patriots, pushing Critical Race Theory, and hosting drag shows. And then Pentagon brass wonders why recruitment is down. Talk about not reading the room: isn’t there anyone still left in the military leadership who realizes that it’s young patriots who join the ranks and that all this woke propaganda acts as patriot repellant?

And now the military is compounding all that by giving recruits the prospect of finishing off a day filled with lessons about how America is an evil, racist, imperialist, colonialist, capitalist running dog with a hearty meal of toxic chemicals arranged into something that is supposed to resemble a steak. What could be more appealing? It’s a wonder that the various branches of the Woke Forces aren’t being overwhelmed with recruits.


Despite the fact that this fake meat is almost certain only to make a bad situation worse, Pentagon brass are all-in on the project and are busy forking over your money and mine to pay for Dr. Frankenstein’s culinary adventures: “BioMADE, a public-private company that has received more than $500 million in funding from the Defense Department, announced earlier this month that it is seeking proposals to develop ‘innovations in food production that reduce the CO2 footprint of food production at … DoD operational environments,’ according to an online announcement.”

What they’re doing is working with “novel cell culture methods suitable for the production of cultivated meat/protein,” that is, “lab-grown meat, a product that is still in its experimental phases. This type of meat is grown in a lab from animal cells with the aid of other chemicals.” Hungry yet?

BioMADE, “which earlier this year received a $450 million infusion of taxpayer cash—maintains that lab-grown food products will reduce the Pentagon’s carbon footprint, a priority for the American military as it pursues a Biden administration-mandate to address climate change and other cultural issues that critics describe as ‘woke.’” That’s terrific: throw hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at a nonexistent problem, and feed the military disgusting lab-manufactured swill instead of real food.

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Once again, the Biden regime’s insane policies invite the question: if the regime really was made up of traitors who wanted to subvert and destroy the United States, what would they be doing differently from what they’re doing already? Is there no one left among the Pentagon brass with the insight to see and the courage to enunciate the fact that the military is asking young people to be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and that maybe an effective recruitment plan would be to appeal to their patriotism and the greatness of the country? 


The answer appears to be no. And so the Pentagon is looking at further depletion of the ranks, even as Russia, China, and Iran grow more emboldened by the day, and those hapless troops who are still part of this fiasco aren’t even going to be given actual food. The real tragedy of all this, however, will not play out until the nation faces an actual military confrontation. That day, unfortunately, is coming.

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