UN Smears Israel With Jihad Propaganda on Shavuot

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With its usual impeccable timing, the terrorist-tied UN released its latest report using jihadi propaganda to accuse Israel during the Jewish feast of Shavuot.

The UN announced its latest report insanely trying to draw a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel. Of course, the UN also falsely referred to Israeli land as “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” so anything that followed was bound to be mere propaganda (no such territory exists — the Arabs calling themselves Palestinian dishonestly claim Israeli land). 


It is particularly disgusting that this was released during the great Jewish festival of Shavuot (June 11-13), the Feast of Weeks, a harvest feast commemorating God giving the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai. The UN always manages to be utterly despicable when defending Gazans and attacking Israelis.

“Israel must immediately stop its military operations and attacks in Gaza, including the assault on Rafah, which has cost the lives of hundreds of civilians and again displaced hundreds of thousands of people to unsafe locations without basic services and humanitarian assistance,” UN Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel chair Navi Pillay pontificated. Apparently, Pillay is not clear on the fact that Israel has no obligation whatsoever to provide any humanitarian assistance to Palestinians who overwhelmingly support genocide against Jews, though Israel does allow in massive amounts of aid that Hamas then steals.

The idea that there is moral equivalency between Israel, which goes out of its way and even endangers its own men to try and strike only military targets, and Hamas, is insane. Hamas very proudly raped, tortured, kidnapped, and murdered over a thousand Israelis on Oct. 7, the culmination of years of its terrorist attacks on innocent Israelis.  

Almost three-fourths of Palestinians still support Hamas and its Oct. 7 actions, and a Hamas leader vowed to repeat its atrocities “again and again” until Israel is obliterated. There is no moral equivalence — Hamas is a genocidal, heinous terrorist group, and Israel is a democratic nation fighting a war it did not want for its very survival.


Before this report, the UN also recently blacklisted Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for allegedly harming children. The thoroughly hypocritical UN accused Israel of war crimes, even while ignoring Palestinians’ many egregious abuses of children. Perhaps that’s because the UN has employees guilty of participating in that child abuse. 

At least a dozen employees of the UNRWA agency are accused of actively participating in the Oct. 7 atrocities Hamas committed, during which Israeli children were kidnapped, assaulted, and killed. Some of the babies were reportedly found burned to death, and one baby was beheaded. An international human rights lawyer with years of research on the subject described UNRWA as “terrorism infested.”

Not only that but terrorists use UNRWA schools as hideouts for themselves or for storing weapons stashes. If you hear that an Israeli airstrike hit a UN school, it’s because the school was hiding jihadis and their weapons.

At these UNRWA schools, Palestinian children are indoctrinated to be terrorists and to see the genocide of Jews as a glorious thing. Of course, Palestinian authorities are just as guilty of child abuse as UNRWA, which is why they work so well together. Gazan authorities use kids as human shields and train jihadi child soldiers (watch here). Islamic scriptures endorse jihad, and the Muslim radicals in Gaza are fanatical in their dedication to what they believe is a holy service to Allah.


Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas’s co-founder, emphasized this reality when he warned Westerners marching in support of Palestinians, “In Islam, to kill for Allah is a way of worship.” Yousef also highlighted how Palestinians prioritize their genocidal cause over the lives of their own children, something he unfortunately knows from personal experience. His terrorist father called for his death after Yousef began to work for Israel and converted to Christianity.

The Israel in UN/Geneva account posted a lengthy condemnation of the new report, specifically noting how the UN released the antisemitic report during Shavuot. “This decision is reflective of the systematic anti-Israeli discrimination of this Commission of Inquiry, which was born in sin, in 2021, while Hamas was raining down rockets on Israeli civilians,” the post argued.

The Israeli account went on to critique the Commission’s ridiculous “attempts to justify the heinous terrorist attack of October 7 by contextualizing it through the lens of the Palestinian narrative.” No mention of decades of Palestinian terrorism and rocket fire against Israel. Facts like those are inconvenient to the narrative.

Furthermore, the Israeli account explained, the UN disregarded “the abhorrent use of human shields by Hamas, the deliberate Hamas strategy of placing civilians in the line of fire. Regarding Israel however, the report has no problem placing blame for supposedly not defending its population on October 7.” There’s a double standard at play.


“Moreover, the report outrageously and repugnantly attempts to draw a false equivalence between IDF soldiers and Hamas terrorists with regards [sic] to acts of sexual violence. Israel rejects the abhorrent and immoral accusations leveled against the [Israel Defense Forces],” the post added. If only someone could hold the UN to account for its disgusting support for and assistance to the Hamas jihadis.

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