The NY Post Gets It: The NY Times Still Struggles With Laptop Reality

So over there at the conservative New York Post, a decided rival to the Establishment liberal “Gray Lady” the New York Times?

The Post editorial board could no longer contain itself. 

Recall that it was the Post which broke the scoop in October of 2020 that they had in their possession Hunter Biden’s laptop. A laptop left for repairs at a local Delaware shop and never retrieved by Hunter, with the contents then passed on to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Trump ally. 

Big media (like the New York Times) and Big Tech combined to suppress the news, either suppressing it outright or poo-pooing it as Russian disinformation. With now-Biden Secretary of State Anthony Blinken orchestrating that now-infamous letter from 51 intelligence community gurus that said the laptop was nothing more than a Russian disinformation stunt.

But alas for the nay-sayers, time has passed. The laptop has long since been verified as accurate – to the point of being used by prosecutors to convict Hunter at his recent trial in Wilmington.

So the stage has been set for The Post editorial board to take a moment this week to yank their rival’s editorial chain. The Post headline: 

NY Times still can’t admit Hunter Biden’s laptop is real! What’s it going to take?

The Post’s editors write:  

Facts are stubborn things, John Adams said, but not as stubborn as the New York Times.

Despite federal prosecutors, investigative journalists and forensics analysts all confirming that Hunter Biden’s laptop is the genuine article, the Gray Lady remains desperate to tear it down.

The latest broadside is an article published Wednesday, “Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Revealed by New York Post, Comes Back to Haunt Him.”  

So far, so good.

Then we get to the subhead, which echoes language in Katie Robertson’s dispatch: ‘Many claims about the laptop’s contents have not been proved, but it played a role in the prosecution of Mr. Biden over a firearm purchase.’

Many claims?

Name one bit of the laptop that has been proven WRONG!


In short: Bingo.

The real problem here is that the conduct of the Times and others in the “mainstream” media have two ways of presenting the news.

First, simply ignore news they don’t like. Omission journalism. Trump did not collude with the Russians to steal the 2016 election? Ho hum. No story there. Nothing to print.

Or, second, deny the facts that are, as John Adams said, “stubborn things.” Just say they aren’t true. In the case of the laptop? Claim it is a product of Russian disinformation, which is exactly what those Biden supporters disguised as 51 “intelligence experts” did.

The real problem here, as that Post editorial sums up, is this:  

We’re curious why this article was published at all. Did it start as a mea culpa and get lost along the way?

More likely, it’s meant to reassure its liberal readers.

Yes, the laptop was used to convict Hunter Biden, but rest easy: We’ll try our damnedest to make sure it doesn’t become a bigger deal.

Which is to say, as has now been evident for ages, the onetime Times motto that the paper is about “all the news that’s fit to print” is laughably no longer even remotely true.

In a saner world, the Times staff would be embarrassed. In today’s world the paper’s staff throws a fit if the Op-Ed page even has the audacity to publish an Op-Ed article from dissenting GOP Senator Tom Cotton on the issue of federal troops being sent in to quell hundreds of riots in American cities back there in the summer of 2020.

Acknowledge the Hunter laptop is real? The Post got to the heart of the matter: 

Facts are stubborn things, John Adams said, but not as stubborn as the New York Times.


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