Dueling Dementia: Partisan Press Scores Both Candidates For Cognitive Decline

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Have you noticed the left-wing press running more and more stories on Donald Trump’s “cognitive troubles”? Trump stumbles over a word and its front page news. He meanders, as he usually does, during his speeches and the left is ready to commit him.


 ”Cognitive Decline? Trump Short-Circuits During Bonkers Rant,” writes a professional journalist at TNR. “The former president glitched during a tirade about sharks and batteries.,” teased the June 10 story.

“Trump cognitive decline increasingly difficult to conceal despite setting low bar,” was the headline for an MSNBC video. Who set the low bar? Sheesh.

It’s nothing new, really. The medical site Stat was making a serious effort to tar Trump with the “cognitive decline” label in 2017.

“Trump wasn’t always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change?” They eagerly explained it.

“Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline.”

I guess what’s old is new again. 

Meanwhile, the fantasy world was pretending en masse that absolutely, positively nothing was wrong with Joe Biden at the G-7 summit in Italy.

New York Post:

President Biden has been “losing focus” during discussions at this week’s G7 summit in Italy, with one diplomatic insider saying the commander-in-chief is “the worst he has ever been.”

Another attendee from a non-US delegation told the Sun Friday that the 81-year-old’s public missteps on the first day of the gathering were “embarrassing.”

Biden has joined the leaders of the world’s wealthiest democracies — including Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak — for the annual meeting to discuss their nations’ economic and security priorities.

However, the president has stolen the spotlight with a series of bizarre actions, including giving Meloni an awkward salute upon greeting her Thursday and wandering away from his fellow leaders during a skydiving demonstration, forcing the host prime minister to chaperone him back to the group.


Donald Trump is old. Joe Biden is older. It would be perfectly normal for both men to lose focus on occasion. Where Trump’s hiccups are rarer and not nearly as troubling as Joe Biden’s, the desperate attempt by many in the media to draw parallels between the two candidates is ludicrous. 

It’s not working. A CBS poll on the comparative cognitive abilities of both men shows it’s not even close.

Views are related to partisanship, but Democrats are more skeptical about Mr. Biden’s cognitive health — one in three are — than Republicans are about Trump’s. 

Even so, the Democrats who don’t think Mr. Biden has capacity to serve are still voting for him over Trump.

Republicans, for their part, are even more skeptical about Mr. Biden, contributing to his lower overall numbers.

Similar to opinions of voters overall, more independents view Trump as having the mental and cognitive health to serve, more than say that about Mr. Biden.

Only 27% of voters think that Joe Biden is mentally fit enough to serve as president while 42% believe Trump is fit. 23% don’t think either candidate is fit.

What’s more, 65% of voters don’t think Biden has “the mental and cognitive health to serve as president.” 50% say Trump does not.


It’s actually laughable to see the rank partisanship from some media outlets who are not convincing anyone that what the voters are seeing with their own eyes isn’t really true. 

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