Fake News: Trump Said Milwaukee Is a ‘Horrible City’

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It appears that Donald Trump handed the Democrats a gift. According to one reporter — one — for Punchbowl News, Trump said that Milwaukee is a “horrible city.”

Fulfilling the adage that a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth puts its boots on, before you know it the Democrats “pounced.”


“If Donald Trump wants to talk about things that he thinks are horrible, all of us lived through his presidency. So, right back at you, buddy,” Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson said. “It is kind of strange that he would insult the largest city in Wisconsin because he’s running for president – he absolutely wants to win Wisconsin, win the election. So, to insult the state that’s hosting your convention, I think, is kind of bizarre actually. It’s kind of unhinged.”

Trump supposedly said Milwaukee was a “horrible city” during a meeting with House Republicans earlier in the week, There were no TV cameras, no recordings of any kind. Just one reporter, Jake Sherman, said that Trump said it.

Note the quotation marks. The professional journalist would use an ellipsis to show there were words missing.

And according to several Republicans, there were,  indeed, missing words that changed the entire meaning of the quote.

 Rep. Bryan Steil, R-Wis. was at the meeting.

Fox News:

The president did not disparage the city of Milwaukee. I don’t believe that he actually said that quote. The conversation did include the city of Milwaukee as it relates to the challenges that we see there.  

There’s horrific crime occurring in Milwaukee. Just yesterday, a nine-year-old boy was shot and killed on the north side of the city. We have huge challenges in the way that the elections have been operated in that city for a long time, including the election administrator having to be removed recently.  

He didn’t disparage the city. It’s a broad attempt by the Democrats to talk about anything other than the problems of President Biden.


“Trump was specifically referring to the crime rate in Milwaukee,” U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden said.

On Truth Social, Trump denied having called Milwaukee “horrible.”

“This is false a complete lie, just like the Laptop from Hell was a lie, Russia, Russia, Russia, was a lie, and so much more. It’s called Disinformation, and that’s all they know how to do. I picked Milwaukee, I know it well. It should therefore lead to my winning Wisconsin,” he wrote.

Trump gives the reason why he never would have said such a thing.

“But the Dems come out with this fake story, just like all of the others. It never ends. Don’t be duped. Who would say such a thing with that important State in the balance?” he added. 

The Hill:

All five members of the Wisconsin Republican Congressional delegation also said that Trump had made a comment about Milwaukee being a horrible city but was referring to either crime or election integrity. 

State and national Democrats have criticized Trump for the comment, with state Democrats starting a trend of posting photos of Milwaukee and saying, “Milwaukee is a terrific city. Pass it on.”

Democrats are doubling down.

“Trump hates Milwaukee because Milwaukeeans know exactly who he is – a sore loser who they’re going to make a two-time loser this November,” Democratic National Committee spokesperson Addy Toevs said.


Biden and the Democrats will be using this lie from now until election day to try to swing Wisconsin for Biden.

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