Biden Official Admitted This Last Year About Border, But We’re Only Hearing It Now

About this time last year, Health and Human Services (HHS) official Robin Dunn Marcos sat in front of the House Judiciary Committee, where she admitted HHS does not conduct criminal background checks on unaccompanied minor children (UACs) caught crossing the border.


Obviously, I don’t expect anyone to be surprised since Biden’s handlers hardly vet these people at all. We here at PJ Media have written about the sort of characters who have crossed the border who are adults.

Marcos told the House last year that the only things they request from the home countries of these unaccompanied minor children are their birth certificates, not their criminal records.

It’s not like the gangs and terrorists we have been importing use children for their crimes, no siree.

On top of that, it’s not like 85,000 child border crossers cannot be accounted for, of which 70% are estimated to be boys between 15 and 18, which is just right around the floor of being considered a military-age male.

My friend Athena Thorne just recounted the rape and murder of Kayla Hamilton by an unnamed 17-year-old from El Salvador with ties to MS-13, but nope, nothing to worry about at all.

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But really, Marcos’ testimony just seems to be the closest anyone in the Biden Administration has gotten to publicly admitting that the border crisis is being created on purpose.


So what if these unusually large amounts of 15-18-year-old boys strolling across the border might have ties to criminal gangs or even terrorist organizations? All that matters is they vote Democrat, right? It’s not like there might be adult men lying about their ages among the numbers as well.

Still, the fact that Marcos made this admission last year but we’re only hearing about it now makes me wonder why it wasn’t released sooner.

If Republicans were smart and unified (a tall order, I know), they would have done so since it’s not like Democrats follow decorum or rules, but I digress.

But hey, Biden’s handlers made him scribble out an executive order sealing the border. Okay, not really: It still lets in 2,500 migrants a day, and 2,700 have already been released into the country in the week since its implementation.

So, in other words, the flooding of our border will continue until the Democrats have a permanent majority or Trump gets back in office.

Rapes, murders, robberies, human trafficking, and God knows what other crimes are being committed by people who should not be allowed to enter.


Biden’s handlers are not only letting Americans die and be traumatized for the sake of votes. They are also trying with the help of Big Tech to quell any voices that speak out against them, including us at PJ Media.

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