Bill Gates reveals plan to save earth from farting cows

Bill Gates isn’t giving up on eradicating cow farts.

In a recent public appearance, Gates explained just how he plans to stop them.

“You know what happens with beef, my climate group Breakthrough Energy just announced, literally today, an investment in an Australian group called Rumin8, that helps cows not be so much a source of methane emissions,” Gates said.

“So, we have two paths to solving that, that’s 6% of global emissions are cows, who burp and fart methane to an extreme degree,” he continued to laughter from the crowd.

“You can either fix the cows to stop them from doing that, or you can make beef without the cow. And both of those you know will be pursued to see which one can lead to the best product in terms of taste, health, and cost,” he concluded.

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report,” who is himself on a form of the now-famous carnivore diet, isn’t pleased with Gates.

“It’s interesting to me that here’s the man who owns the largest amount of farmland in the United States, Bill Gates, who now wants to, as he said, do something to cows so that they either don’t burp or fart as much, or we’ll just get off meat all together,” Rubin says.

“Either way, I sense he’s going to profit a lot from one of those things,” he adds

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