White House Denies Biden Froze at Hollywood Fundraiser

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By now, you’ve seen the footage of Barack Obama stepping in as Joe Biden’s handler at last week’s Hollywood fundraiser. The video, which has gone viral, is quite disturbing to watch.


It was lucky for Biden that his former boss was there to snap him out of his old man trance and lead him off stage.

Except, according to the White House, it never happened.

“Fresh off being fact checked by at least 6 mainstream news organizations for lying about President Biden with cheap fakes, Rupert Murdoch’s sad little super pac, the New York Post, is back to disrespecting it’s readers and itself once again by pretending the President taking in an applauding crowd for a few seconds is somehow wrong,” Biden’s senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement to The Hill. “Their ethical standards could deal with a little unfreezing.”

“Cheap fakes?” That’s a cute new phrase they’re trying to make a thing. We all see what’s happening in the video. There’s nothing fake about it.

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Bates continued, “By pretending the President taking in an applauding crowd for a few seconds is somehow wrong, all they’re really admitting—once again—is they can’t take on the leadership that’s fueling the strongest economic growth in the world, bringing violent crime to a 50-year low, restoring manufacturing jobs from overseas, and strengthening our alliances.”


Naturally, the media is helping Team Biden push the narrative that the video showing Biden freezing up on stage isn’t actually showing Biden freezing up on stage.

The Daily Beast, for example, claimed the video was deceptively edited. 

Less than a week after being derided for using a deceptively edited clip of President Joe Biden to suggest that he “wandered off” during a G7 economic summit in Italy, right-wing pundits and media outlets—including Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post—published another round of stories featuring a similarly edited clip of the president, this time in an attempt to smear the 81-year-old for “freezing” up while on stage at a fundraiser.

The Daily Beast, like other liberal media outlets, describes Biden’s freezing up moment as his “taking in the crowd’s cheers,” which is a total joke.

“As is often the case with recent ‘cheap fake’ stories, the Republican National Committee first posted a misleading clip to its RNC Research account on X that cut most of the lead-up to the seemingly innocuous moment,” the story claimed.

Again, what’s misleading about it? Can anyone explain how a few more seconds of video on either end of the video would have made Biden’s frozen moment somehow mean something completely different?


It’s amusing that when the Biden campaign tells the media to jump, they all ask, “How high?” Without fail, the mainstream media parrots the Biden campaign narrative, while the Biden campaign never gets called out for altering videos to change the context of Trump quotes on its social media accounts.

More recently, the Biden campaign falsely claimed Trump called Milwaukee a “horrible city,” even though he said no such thing.

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