Aiden Buzzetti: Bad teachers ‘make children ideological slaves’

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Aiden Buzzetti is the president of the 1776 Project, and he believes parents need to take their child’s education into their own hands.

“It’s important to realize that not every teacher is bad, but the ones that are bad disregard all of the rules. They want to make children their ideological slaves,” Buzzetti tells James Poulos, adding, “This trend cannot continue.”

This creates a never-ending cycle, as the children who’ve been indoctrinated will grow up to be teachers who indoctrinate.

“It seems like they’ve built a perpetual-motion machine,” Poulos notes.

Buzzetti and the 1776 Project have been working to change the political landscape of school boards in order to stop this.

“Right now, especially here in Texas, where we’ve done a fair amount of elections — the school boards were dominated by progressive parent groups,” Buzzetti explains. “If you have a group of parents who are willing to stand shoulder-to-should with you and make the case that something needs to change, you’re actually laying the groundwork for something substantive.”

Though 80% of kids in America attend public schools, there’s been an explosion in alternative schooling options across America.

“There’s more opportunities for parents to go to private schools, or charter schools and religious schools, even one of the classical Christian associations had their membership triple over the course of the pandemic,” Buzzetti explains. “That means parents are taking their kids out of a public school and seeing what their options are.”

However, Buzzetti believes it’s extremely important to continue to fight for change within the public school system and not abandon it.

“It’s important that we stand firm on public schools, that we don’t necessarily abandon them,” he says.

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