If This Pans Out, Trump Might Finally Win the Nobel Peace Prize He Deserves

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Ever since Donald Trump first ran for president in 2016, we’ve been treated to the usual apocalyptic predictions about what might happen if he were to win. Curiously, the concentration camps for LGBTQ Americans never happened, women still have the right to vote, and slavery wasn’t reinstated. 


It’s almost as if those ridiculous “predictions” were just scare tactics to motivate uninformed voters.

It should come as no surprise that as Trump dominates in the polls and appears on the verge of winning reelection, the same old scaremongering has returned. 

For example, during a recent appearance on CNN, Rachel Maddow said that, if elected, Trump would build camps to imprison people.

“I’m worried about the country broadly if we put someone in power who is openly avowing that he plans to build camps to hold millions of people, and to ‘root out’ what he’s described in subhuman terms as his ‘enemy from within.’” Maddow claimed.  ”For that matter, what convinces you that these massive camps he’s planning are only for migrants?”  

“I’m worried about me — but only as much as I’m worried about all of us,” she added. 

I wonder if she’s seen Biden’s crowded migrant centers.

During an appearance on “The View” on Tuesday, Maddow got to talk more about this prediction, which, of course, went unchallenged.

“So you said recently that you thought that you, as an outspoken critic, could be a target yourself. Some people think that sounds overdramatic, but I’m right there with you,” Joy Behar told Maddow about her claim. “I think that he is so vindictive that he will go after [us], however he has to, through the IRS maybe,” she said. 


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Naturally, no one reminded the panel that using the IRS to target political enemies was something that Joe Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, did. 

Behar continued, “Or even through sponsors, to get us off the air maybe, or you. How seriously should we be taking that?” 

I think the appropriate question to ask is: How seriously should anyone be taking “The View”?

And the answer, of course, is “not at all.”

Yes, Joe Biden has threatened the media for not covering the economy more favorably—but can anyone explain how any president could get a show canceled? Last I checked, they can’t. And believe me, if they could, Barack Obama most certainly would have tried to kill Fox News. Of course, that’s why Joy Behar didn’t attempt to explain how Trump could do any of the things that she or Maddow claimed he might do if he’s reelected. 


Now, if Trump could get “The View” off the air, he might finally win the Nobel Peace Prize he’s long deserved for brokering the Abraham Accords and for not starting a new war. 

It’s not that I watch the show, but I occasionally have to watch clips, and it would be nice to be spared their uneducated rantings—despite their occasional comedic value.

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