Is it ‘disinformation’ that Obama led a senile Biden offstage?

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The White House has insisted that it’s “disinformation” to say that President Biden wandered away from G7 leaders while watching parachutists.

Despite the fact that the Biden admin insists that the president would never do such a thing, over the weekend, Biden may have had a similar moment.

The questionable moment occurred when former President Barack Obama had to allegedly lead Biden off stage at a massive fundraiser for his campaign.

The fundraiser was hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel and was attended by other celebrities like George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

“Joe Biden is standing there with his hands kind of clenched,” Glenn Beck recalls. “He waves a couple of times, but his hands were clenched, and he was in that, you know, frozen solid sort of look. And when it comes time to leave the stage, Obama just reaches over, grabs him by the wrist, and leads him off stage.”

“And it looks horrible. Absolutely horrible,” Glenn adds, noting that he’s strangely not allowed to use the footage of the incident to comment on.

Pat Gray recalls the incident similarly.

“Obama definitely grabs him by the wrist and starts leading him out, and then he smoothly kind of makes it like, ‘Oh this is my good buddy’ and puts his arm around him, and then he just pushes him off the stage. He just guides him the whole way and never removes his arm from Joe Biden’s back. It’s amazing to watch,” Gray says.

“I don’t know how they explain that away,” he continues.

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