Jason Whitlock wanted to leave ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ 3 minutes in – here’s why

On June 7, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, hit theaters. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the fourth installment in the Bad Boys franchise.

Jason Whitlock was one of those in line to see the film.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t even make it through the entire movie.

“I wanted to leave three minutes in, maybe two minutes in. I left the movie maybe an hour and five minutes in,” he says, adding that it was just “too stupid” for him.

There was “no hidden message” and “nothing that offended me,” but “it was so removed from reality.”

“I finally hit the eject button and left,” he sighs. “’Bad Boys,’ bad movie from my perspective.”

However, the rest of the “Fearless at the Movies” team — Anthony Walker, Kevin Donahue, and Shemeka Michelle — also saw the movie.

Shemeka agrees that the film was “removed from all reality,” but she also thought it wasn’t any different from other unrealistic action films, like “Jurassic Park” and “The Woman King.”

“It’s not real, but it’s so action packed that it’s interesting — that’s how it was for me,” she says, adding that “it was fun to watch.”

“If you haven’t seen all the other Bad Boys movies, then this one would seem just dropped out of the blue,” but “the action” and “the storyline” is “right on par” with the other Bad Boys films, adds Anthony, noting that the “vulgarity was a little too much for [him].”

For Kevin, who’s never seen any of the Bad Boys movies, “It was like a Chuck Norris-Arnold Schwarzenegger Rambo movie from the ’80s mixed with ‘Fast and the Furious.’”

“I hated it at the very beginning,” he says, “but then I kind of sat back, watched, and just appreciated it for what it was.”

To hear more of the crew’s analysis — including Lawrence’s heart-attack scene — watch the clip below.

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