UK news outlet gets absolutely incinerated online for alarmist ‘heatwave’ headline: ‘Wtf are you guys doing over there?’

The Daily Mail went mega-viral on social media after a that Britons would be suffering under a 48-hour “heatwave” that was mocked and ridiculed online.

“UK to be blasted by 48 hour 26C heatwave with five cities in England the hottest,” read the missive from its official account on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

‘How the f*** did they manage to truly colonize the planet.’

The post was mocked so thoroughly that it garnered more than 142 million views on the platform.

“This is literally the temperature we set for our home’s air conditioning,” responded scientist Dr. Phil Metzger.

“Retiring from YouTube and moving to the UK to start an air conditioning business. Wtf are you guys doing over there? Even broke people in the Midwest had window AC units when I was growing up. Letting the condensation drip onto you while trading Pokémon cards with the homies,” replied podcaster Tyler Wine.

“How the f*** did they manage to truly colonize the planet when they can’t tolerate a mild 79 degrees…,” read another tweet.

“When I first went to England in summer 2018, they were having a ‘record breaking heatwave.’ People were passing out, it didn’t rain for weeks, the ground was so dry ancient ruins were popping up. Meanwhile it was a pleasant 75 and sunny everyday. Best summer I’ve ever had,” read another popular response.

Others defended the Brits by pointing out that they had to suffer the mild weather with poor ventilation.

“For Americans who think this is not bad, imagine if homes were old, poorly ventilated and almost never had any kind of AC, and also the humidity was 90%,” responded podcaster Ed Zitron.

“Listen. As an American who was living in London in 2017 with 28 years of experience in New England swamp summer..93F in a building with zero air flow – and a city sold out of fans AND air conditioning not pretty. Don’t get me started on the tube in the heat either,” read another response.

Some even blame global warming for the alarming rise of heat in Britain to that of enjoyable room temperature in the U.S.

One of the major differences between the U.K. and the United States is the proliferation of air conditioning units. As recently as 2020, two thirds of U.S. homes used centralized air conditioning, and another 22% used some other form of air conditioning. A 2021 report from the British government estimated that only 5% of homes in the U.K. had air conditioning.

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